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The Two Works by Jasper Johns in the Category of American Art - Research Paper Example

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The paper presents pieces of art by American artist Jasper Johns. The first piece is titled “Map” and was created in 1961 with oil on canvas. The work is large against the wall, the viewer almost overwhelmed by its size. The painting is an example of the irony with which Jasper paints…
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The Two Works by Jasper Johns in the Category of American Art
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Extract of sample "The Two Works by Jasper Johns in the Category of American Art"

Download file to see previous pages The painting “Map” was created in the earlier part of his career when the exploration of the ideologies of America was being combined with the explorations of their meanings through the use of ‘readymade’ objects. The blurring of borders speaks of unity while the bursts of colour are in motion, commenting on the wide diversity of the nation. The lines of the distinct object of the map are muddled by the use of the paint over top of them. The colours are vibrant and primary, using red, yellow, and blue in bursts across the work, the colours blending at some points, distinctive at others. The oil paints are thick with the texture of the work dense and mountainous on top of the map. There is a repetition that creates balance within the chaos and while there is no use of perspective, there is a sense of density that is felt that about the object of the map as the colours burst forth across the entirety of the work. Although there seems to be no design to the work, there is a definite balance to the way in which the colours are utilized. They erupt across the painting in light and darkness, yellow splicing through the red and darker blue to provide movement and to justify the transitions. The proportion of the work is large, conveying the immensity of the message that it holds about the concept of the nation, its diversity and its uniformity. The feeling of the painting is electric as the viewer is engaged with the use of colour throughout the work. The piece also pulls the viewer into a contemplation of the idea of America. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Two Works by Jasper Johns in the Category of American Art Research Paper.
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