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Ethical Dilemma at the Workplace - Essay Example

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This essay represents a case study on a particular situation which happened after a vacancy interview. Moreover, the writer of the paper will describe some general information regarding the ethical dilemmas and examine it in terms of the professional code of ethics…
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Ethical Dilemma at the Workplace
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Download file to see previous pages Value of Life – Human life has inviolable sacredness; b. Goodness or Rightness – Doing good, in addition to refraining from doing evil, is required so that the consequences are good for the individual and for society; c. Justice or Fairness – This principle relates to equality of treatment among the members of society; d. Truth-telling or Honesty – Although ethical action should be based on the truth, confidentiality (contact-keeping), related to honesty and individual freedom; e. Individual Freedom – Ethical decisions should consider the principle of self-determination; and f. Trustworthiness - Trust defined, is assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, and truth of a business. 3. Application of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics: Following are the Ethical Standards as per the Organization’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics applicable on the present situation: I) Conflicts of Interest: As your private interest may interfere in any way with the interests of the Company; II) Fair Dealing: This might affect our honesty and ethical behavior and we might not be able to act in good faith, with due care; and III) Honesty, Integrity and Objectivity: As this situation leads to conflict between honest and objective approach to recruitment and favor of any sort. 4. The Nature and Dimensions of the Dilemma: Following avenues were examined in order to ensure that the problem in all its various dimensions has been considered. This situation falls in the category of Ethical Dilemma as it violates the following ethical principals: c) Justice or Fairness – As it would be equal treatment of all the candidates; d) Truth-telling or Honesty – As by hiring the candidate of your choice my honesty would be impaired; and e) Individual Freedom – Further my objectivity and self determinacy would also be affected in this situation. Further this situation also has the potential to affect my moral behavior and this also constitutes ethical dilemma. Consultations with the ethics committee comprising of the HR personnel and supervisors, presented the following basic options: a) it would be violation of the general ethical principles as well as the Organization’s ‘Code of Business Conduct and Ethics’ to some extent as are discussed above, however, as all the candidates are of equal footings as yet and are equally compatible and capable as their results of the tests and the experience proves, we can also consider hiring Mr. McDonough. But for that effective interviews need to be conducted as these may result in certain other observations about the candidates too. I have also considered the ethical Theory that is suitable in the situation that we are facing now. The applicable theory is ‘Consequentialism’, which presents that the right action is one which produces the best consequences. 5. Potential courses of action: The following actions or rather decisions are open to me to consider: i) Carry on the interview proceedings of all the candidates, keeping in mind your request and considering Mr. McDonough above others. ii) Appoint Mr. McDonough without any further proceedings. iii) Conduct interview with no consideration or favors regarding appointment and appoint the most suitable candidate.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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