Analysis of Physician Assistant Program - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The writer of this essay discusses an analysis of physician assistant program in exclusive institution Charles Drew University for medical disciplines. The writer wholeheartedly feels that he can pursue his further higher education in the field of Emergency Medicine…
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Analysis of Physician Assistant Program
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 Analysis of Physician Assistant Program
“Service to humanity is service to God”, probably this saying has influenced me a lot to choose my career in the field of medicine. I pursued my studies along with a status of being employed; however, the thought to select a desired course, which should also give authoritative status, was revolving inside my mind. With the initial interest gained from my school time career as a Pharmacy assistant, I decided to continue with my higher studies. Meanwhile, I consulted with as many friends as possible to choose a college, the majority of them opted for Charles Drew University, and the course suggested was Physician Assistant Program.
As I expected A Physical Assistant career would give me authorisation almost like that of a Physician. Basically I know about Charles Drew University as a Pioneer in Medical discipline however, the majority of support given by friends and well wishers in addition to pursue a degree from experienced professors would definitely give me best exposure on the discipline.
The reason behind why I am choosing this undergraduate program does not pertain to one r two but many such as serving humanity [that is people who cannot depend of physicians always due to financial problems and my own interest in knowing about lot of medicines. The necessity for health care workers have also been increasing day by day, as there are many physical and psychological issues running in many parts of the world, apart form this the increase of unexpected natural calamities create place for health care workers and their services which includes Physical Assistants also.
As far as I know, Physical assistants are trained to perform diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive health care services after undergoing specific training under the supervision of a Physicians and Surgeons. They can work as members of health care teams, they are also eligible to treat minor injuries, prescribe medications can order medical supplies such as equipments, and supervise technicians and assistants, and therefore I feel that I can get a collective experience in the field of medicine and health care services. The above aspects are the underpinning factors, which allowed me to decide this career.
I have been taking GE at Los Angeles City College, but I would like to take part in the BS Physician Assistant in your esteemed and exclusive institution Charles Drew University for medical disciplines. I wholeheartedly feel that I can pursue my further higher education in the field of Emergency Medicine. As far as my personal attitude is concerned I m a hard working person, and reliable to any sort of environment.
Previously I had the experience of incompatible academic performance due to the tight schedule I had committed my self to. That is, I spend most of my free hours working outside the campus. Because of inconsistency between my work and academics, I suffered from chronic migraine, which then affected my performance in academics. Otherwise, I solely managed my studies. However, I will see to it that I shall not continue with a same sort of inconsistencies in future, which might affect my studies.
I would like to make a meaning of my life, so I want to take graduation from a well renowned institution, through which I can give a shape to my career and personal attitude. With a collective effect of all the above features, I shall serve the humanity based on a perfect knowledge. I sincerely hope that if I get a chance to pursue my studies in your college I can bring in benefits for my career as well as for your college. Read More
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Admission Essay /Application Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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