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The present paper is a review of the article Dimensions of Meaning in the Occupations of Daily Life written by Karen Whalley Hammell. In the given article, it is argued that occupation has a specific meaning in the lives of peoples today while it provides the possibility of personal success within several areas…
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Dimensions of Meaning in the Occupations of Daily Life
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Dimensions of Meaning in the Occupations of Daily Life
In the given article, it is argued that occupation has a specific meaning in the lives of peoples today while it provides the possibility of personal success within several areas including Being, Doing, Belonging and Becoming. For me, the key point of interest that caught my attention is Doing, even though it might seem to be the most clear of four to define. Still, I am aware that Doing is what most people today look for when they think about their profession in the first place. One of the issues that Hammell (2004, p. 301) underlines is that occupations “keep [people] busy,” which raises several questions for further investigation.
Despite the fact that it is hard to argue the claims made by the author, as well as common knowledge on the topic, I believe there are additional questions that beg to be asked. For instance, Doing is a necessary function in human life; however, should it be limited within occupation of expanded further into such areas as hobbies and leisure? Also, psychologists today have different opinions on whether occupation and hobby should be one for a person while some of them state it is necessary to have different activities to fill in the time and the other claim occupation should be hobby since this is the only way profession obtains one’s full attention and allows to achieve best results. As for people who have interesting and engaging hobbies, yet more creative ones, but those that rarely provide financial support, should they have other occupations or concentrate their efforts within the chosen area?
In my opinion, these questions outlined, as well as many other ones that further the discussion, necessitate additional research and debate. In modern world, where people ceased seeking careers for the sake of money alone, it is crucial to identify whether hobbies can be efficient and money-making enough to become occupations themselves. For this, I believe that is a need to find ways of delivering the idea of finding ‘a place under the sun’ for every person yet not until understanding if this is possible in the global scope.
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Hammell, Karen Whalley. Dimensions of Meaning in the Occupations of Daily Life. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy December 2004, 5, 71: pp. 296-305. Print. Read More
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