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The author describes his/her muse and states that she is so sure of herself. She’s an epitome of self-confidence. You may think of her as cocky but people love her for the way she is. Perhaps it is because they saw in her what they would like to be, confident that life will always be better. …
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My Muse
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There may be some people who do not like her but she does really care. When she has a goal in mind, her attention is zeroed into that nothing can distract her. She believes that what the mind can conceive, it can be achieved and nothing is impossible for her.

She’s a dreamer. Her mind is so active that she constantly thinks of adventure that makes her interesting. She may not care about other people’s opinion about her but she cares for mankind’s greater good. She truly cares about society and for that to remain pure, she shy’s away from politics whom she think is dirty and insincere.

Her head is always on the clouds but her feet still stays on the ground because she knows the reality that nothing is given for free. It works pretty well for her she always gets things done. People may not like her, but they respect her.  Read More
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My Muse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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