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This paper on alcoholism tries to persuade the audience through Ethos, pathos and Logos that that the ideas written there in are valid.

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Ethos, Pathos and Logos
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Ethos, Pathos and Logos When writing any paper, every has a specific audience that he targets to communicate to and deliver a certain message. This paper on alcoholism tries to persuade the audience through Ethos, pathos and Logos that that the ideas written there in are valid.
Ethos convince by the kind of character of the author. The kind of writing in this paper “Alcoholism” can tell you that the writer is a caring person. The flow in this writing begins in stating the problem at hand, which is alcoholism and its impact in our society. The rest of the writing describes different ways to alleviate the problem and the conclusion of this paper is a recommendation or a reaction towards this discussion. This kind of writing depicts critical thinking skills that make the audience reading this paper connect with this writer who has presented his worthiness.
Pathos is a way of persuading the audience by getting to their emotions. At the start of this paper when stating the problem at hand, I am appealing to the audience that this is not an individual problem. By laying the facts bare that alcoholism is claiming many marriages, health, increasing to the countries expenditure, increasing rape cases, accidents and crime, I get the audience emotions. In this, people get to understand the grave matter of alcoholism and move towards curbing it.
Logos means persuading with reasoning. Is it fair that we continue paying huge medical bills both to the inpatient and outpatient alcoholisms and to accident victims of alcoholism cases? This is the main question that the audience reading this paper has to answer and of course, it is logic to prevent alcoholism than incur the huge bills associated to it. Read More
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