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The purpose of this essay is to analyze and describe the process of going back to school. There are going to be obstacles in the way that the writer has to deal with to successfully complete a college degree. Finances are one of the obstacles that he must deal with…
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The New Educational Goal
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The New Educational Goal
I recently made a lifetime decision that will improve my life by opening the doors of opportunity for me in the future. I have decided to go back to school to earn a college degree. A college degree is one of the most valuable educational credentials that a person can obtain. The job market of the 21st century has become more competitive than ever. The unemployment rate in the United States has risen since the recession of 2008 and college graduates have a better opportunity to land a good paying job than high school graduates. The purpose of this essay is to analyze and describe the process of going back to school.
Going back to school is the best option for me because there is a lack of job opportunities for people that do not have a college degree. The U.S. economy has become a knowledge economy in which the most prepared and educated people are the ones achieving career progress. To achieve my new educational goal I am going to have to make a lot of changes in my lifestyle. I am currently working full time which takes a 40 hour a week commitment. To succeed in college students must dedicate a lot of time to their studies. I have decided to change from full time employment to part time employment. I currently have the support of my employer and my work hours are going to be cut down to 20 hours a week. I can no longer afford to go out on weekdays to hang out with my friends on a recurrent basis. I have to cut down on my social time to ensure that I dedicate the maximum time possible towards my studies.
There are going to be obstacles in the way that I have to deal with to successfully complete a college degree. Finances are one of the obstacles that I must deal with. I applied for a Pell Grant scholarship and I am going to take out student loans to finance my studies. My living expenses should be covered by my part-time job. A strategy that I will use as a student to deal with challenging courses is to hire a tutor to help me with my studies. I already identified a tutor that charges a very low rate. I am very motivated to start my college journey. It is never too late in life to go back to school and get a college degree. I am fully committed to the challenge of studying towards a bachelor’s degree. My goal is to complete my studies within a four year term, but if it takes longer I will have the patience and perseverance to accomplish this important stepping stone in my life. I have the full support of my family, friends, and employer. I am confident that through hard work and dedication I will accomplish my dream of becoming a college graduate. Read More
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