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This paper is about the general manager of the supermarket and the ways of relaxing he prefers. His job is often overloaded and stressful. He usually goes to YMCA fitness center after work. He can find himself relaxed there after an hour exercise…
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The place where people would like to go
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English Composition: Week 3 Assignment – Chi Ho The place where people would like to go As the General Manager of a supermarket, my job is often overloaded and stressful. I usually go to YMCA fitness center after work. I can find myself relaxed there after an hour exercise.

The club is just 15 minutes walk from my place. Each time I go to the club, I can smell a strong, pungent, sweet aroma of Basil. The shining red oak hardwood floor with its pinkish tan color is a soothing experience to the eyes. The clean shining glass walls add to the beauty of the center. The center has got an efficient staff that assists in operating the machines. The center has a wide portfolio of fitness equipment like treadmills, Recumbent Bikes, Cross trainer, stair climbers, kick boxing stands and many more. There are no sticky feelings when I hold on to these machines. Behind the main entrance area, there is a beautiful, temperature controlled swimming pool. The pool with a mosaic-tiled interior has a jade-green color, and its tranquil water is drizzled with frangipani and bougainvillea leaves. I usually swim for thirty minutes to relax my strained muscles before continuing to do some weight lifting exercises.

The sauna area of the fitness center has sap rooms with fine Moorish influence with cozy sitting areas, and high ceiling. There is a separate section of octagonal shaped sauna rooms with a shower, a rest area, and a dressing room for men and women. The game room and the cafeteria are also on that side. I love to have a coffee after exercise while staying at the Jacuzzi. Along with the great taste, the use of latte arts adds a lot to the wonderful experience of drinking coffee here. The soothing music in the background is a superb relaxation to the ears.
The membership fee here is slightly higher than other fitness centers but is worth the investment. It is the best place for me to relax and work out.
The place where people would avoid going
I joined the YMCA club last summer and my experience at the YMCA fitness center near my home has been a horrific one. The place is nothing but more like a sweaty “meat market”. I cannot think of any other good reasons to go there except its preferred location.

The wooden floor has cracks, and is crumpled heavily due to moisture. A number of glass panes have been broken, and the remaining is dirty giving an awful visual experience. Even though they have a wide range of exercise machines and equipment, but most of them are out of working conditions, and members have to wait before getting their turn. The machines are always unclean. I need to spray disinfectant on the vinyl seats and wipe off someone else’s sweat before I can use them. Loud noises from running bikes and treadmills are overwhelming in the background. Adding to the noise is the always turned on radio with its hardcore punk rock playing at a very high volume. One can’t speak to anyone nearby without shouting.

Most of the members at the club do not follow hygienic practices while exercising. The foul smell of the sweat and dirty socks make it difficult to breathe easily. The swimming pool is dirty; the water looks green with algae often, and gives a strong chlorine smell. Swimming in the pool gives a burning sensation to the eyes. The locker room is connected to the swimming pool and a sauna room; I smell strong chlorine and hot cedar if people walk in from the pool and sauna room. The walls and the seats of the sauna room look discolored, and the room has an unpleasant smell of chemical cleaners.

I always love to have a cup of coffee after exercise to relax. The coffee house is not well maintained, and the sitting area is congested. To add to it, the coffee tastes bitter and sour. There is no point to waste time there unless one wants to do the routine exercise. I cannot imagine how people can stay there up to couple of hours.
In this assignment, I have used the strategy 1 to create the differing impressions. An interesting topic, which generates different views, would be the first thing to start. I chose one of my daily activities to develop the idea.

In order to achieve the goal, I went to the fitness club twice. When I was there, I found a quiet place in the club where I could be alone for several minutes. I took a few moments to center myself and imagine the clutter of the day floating away from me. It helped me to focus. I started to realize the areas of the fitness center, to which I had easy access, and could shed some light on.

The most important thing I have learned from this exercise is the ability to describe a subject matter in various ways, using my five senses. I wrote the sentences “There are no sticky feelings when I hold on these machines” versus “I need to spray disinfectant on the vinyl seats and wipe off someone else’s sweat before I use them.” It will make people to think when they read it, rather than just telling them what my opinions are. 
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