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I humbly regret that such a thing has occurred and you can be rest assured that Manhattan Galleries would take full responsibility for it.

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Explaining Letter
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Explaining Letter Revision Order No. 298362 No. of pages: 2 6530 Ms. Sharon Jensen The Jensen Group 2459 Hooper Avenue Miami, FL 44787
Dear Ms. Jensen
This is in reply to your letter dated 26th April 2009, detailing a claim you had made to Manhattan Galleries, stating the painting you had recently purchased from us had a sagging canvas and that you are unwilling to hang the picture in your executive office because of its shabby appearance. I humbly regret that such a thing has occurred and you can be rest assured that Manhattan Galleries would take full responsibility for it.

I have taken your complaint into consideration and treated it as a top priority because you are one of our most valued customers. Regards packing and shipping, I would like to just brief you, that every painting that leaves Manhattan Galleries is carefully wrapped with two layers of convoluted foam and one layer of Perf-Pack foam in order to avoid any damage to the painting. The shippers of our products are explicitly instructed that the pictures should be shipped in vertical position and not horizontally, in order to absorb any shocks and bumps along the way that may tend to damage the shipment. But even so, I would like to reassure you once again, that it becomes the sole responsibility of Manhattan Galleries to see that the painting was delivered to you in perfect condition.
However, the best we could do in this respect is to request you to kindly take the painting to your local framing – shop and get the canvas re-stretched to fit the frame perfectly. The assurance we could give you is that Manhattan Galleries would bear the entire cost as we do not want to leave you a dissatisfied customer at any cost because we really appreciate you being one of our best customers and intend associating with you in our business even in the future.
Thank you so much for letting us know about the condition, which in turn made it possible for us to render good customers like you our committed service.
Sally Cantwright
Assistant Manager
Sally Cantwright
Assistant Manager
Manhattan Galleries
115 West Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010
October 21, 2008
Dear Sally,
I happened to go through the letter you wrote to the customer who had complained of a sagging canvas and thought that it could do with a few changes. Kindly make the necessary changes to your original letter before posting it to the customer.
In the opening paragraph I had included the date and year because it was not there. Moreover, the customer is one of our regular customers and therefore we cannot afford to be abrupt. So I used an apologetic approach because it s a sensitive issue and we do not want to lose a good customer. Therefore, I had written that Manhattan Galleries would take full responsibility for what has happened.
Though we gave a thorough explanation of our packing policies to the customer, making sure that she knew that we had wrapped the painting with two layers of convoluted foam and one layer of Perf-Pack foam in order to avoid any damage, still we have to be apologetic in our approach because even with this packing the customer had not received the package in good condition. I mentioned to the customer that we would be making her complaint as a top priority and would see to it that we leave her a satisfied customer by assuring her of our committed assistance because we cannot afford to lose a customer like her.
In the last paragraph, Manhattan Galleries once again assures the customer of our services by requesting her to take the painting to her Local framing shop and getting a refund on what she had spent. I had made these changes because the letter had to be reassuring and apologetic so that we do not lose a good customer and ensure that she would continue to visit our gallery.
Kindly refer to the changes made and include them in the letter before you send it to the customer.
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