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Even if you’ve never met a video gamer before in your life, which is highly unlikely, you’d probably have no trouble recognizing me as a full-bred gamer from your first glance. Shaking my hand, you would guess it wasn't accustomed to hard labor in the fields…
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Video Game Guru
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Video Game Guru Even if you’ve never met a video gamer before in your life, which is highly unlikely, you’d probably have no trouble recognizing me as a full-bred gamer from your first glance. Shaking my hand, you would guess it wasnt accustomed to hard labor in the fields. Talking to me would be the clincher, though. If you hadnt already guessed at this point, you would now understand why most of my friends and relatives classify me as a gamer and why I identify myself as one since I fit several of the basic characteristics of the classic gamer type.
My outward appearance gives a lot of my friends reason to classify me as a gamer. This is most likely because the images proudly displayed on whatever T-shirt Im wearing at the moment usually feature some favorite video game character or another. If it isn’t a character specifically, it will most likely be an often quoted line from a game, an abbreviation in ‘gamer speak’ that usually only other gamers recognize or a walking advertisement for my most recent gaming equipment. I almost always have some sort of pocket game handy and Im the guy everybody comes to when they want to know the best cheats for the most popular game to hit the market this week. Since this is the case, most of the time when my friends find me, Im either buried in the game itself or deep in conversation with someone else about what to do when the aliens come jumping over boulders at you in Halo 2.
No matter what my friends think, though, I identify myself as a gamer because I am intensely interested in all the different facets of gaming. More than just being interested in knowing what the different cheats are in the various games, I want to know about the graphics quality, the sound effects, the realism, the action, the artificial intelligence of the characters and so much more. For me, it is not enough to just play the game and see how far I get. When new games come out, I have known about them since their earliest development. The minute they hit the shelves, I’m ready to start playing with a full arsenal of cheats and shortcuts, passwords and special features already in my head because of all the research I’ve done. My mailbox fills up every month with the latest issue of every gaming magazine I can possibly subscribe to. This passion I have that surpasses my passion for just about everything else in my life tells me more than anything that I am a true gamer to the core.
For you, the stranger I meet on the street, I will also appear to be a gamer because I fit the stereotypical image of one. I wear gaming T-shirts and carry games with me everywhere I go. If I can’t have a game for some reason, I will usually have a magazine that features gaming articles or be involved in a conversation about gaming. My conversation and my casual written language is usually peppered with gaming abbreviations and symbols. My technical knowledge is much higher than the average person, but it all revolves around how these technologies can and have been applied to make gaming more realistic, more graphic, more intelligent and more interactive. Through stereotypes, interests and activities, whether you’ve known me a few minutes, a few decades or live inside my own skin, it is easy to see that I am definitely a gamer.
I. Introduction
II. Friends
a. Outward appearance
b. Activities
c. Conversation
III. Myself
a. Interests
b. Passion
c. Efforts
IV. Conclusion – how what my friends see and what I see matches Stereotypes Read More
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