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Participating in the Notre Dame executive MBA program - Personal Statement Example

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My desire to pursue an MBA goes back to my childhood in Ghana. My Mum grew up in a small town, which could not boast of even one college graduate from among its residents. There was then only one small school for four towns in the neighborhood. My mother had to walk at least four miles a day to school…
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Participating in the Notre Dame executive MBA program
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Download file to see previous pages Her parents, even though they had no formal education themselves, understood its value, and worked long hours on the family farm so that they could raise enough money to pay her tuition. My Mum went on to be the first woman from her town to graduate from college, and later on also did her MBA from the University of The Hague in Holland. My Mum's example - her rise from a farm girl to a corporate woman - has constantly inspired me to strive for success both educationally and professionally.I have an undergraduate Degree in Engineering, which has provided me with excellent analytical skills and has enhanced my problem solving abilities. However, I have not had the opportunity so far, to study in depth, courses exploring business strategy and finance. In order to advance my career to its fullest potential I need to excel in these courses as well, apart from other areas of business.An MBA degree from Notre Dame University will equip me with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop my capabilities. In business, decision-making must be done after careful thought, and not haphazardly. An MBA from Notre Dame will not only enable me to make balanced business decisions, but it will also give me access to information gathered by national and international experts on decisions made, that have yielded both positive and negative results. I also want to learn more about business strategy and put this knowledge into practice across a wide variety of situations. To be able to do this, I would like to take up a position in the Consulting and International Business Unit of my sponsoring company. Most of the employees working in this Department are MBA graduates. I would like to pursue an MBA both to make myself a competitive candidate for a position in this business unit, as well as to further develop my business acumen.
As an Engineer for the last seven years, I have worked with international, cross-functional teams in high paced environments, with demanding deadlines, where my responsibilities have varied from taking care of highly technical projects to sales and business development functions. The versatility, analytical skills, teamwork and a wide knowledge of industry, which I have exhibited in my career, are some of the qualities I will bring to bear on my MBA program.
Notre Dame's MBA program will allow me to develop my skills to fulfill my career objectives. It will also enable me to take advantage of resources that Notre Dame University offers, while simultaneously continuing my career in Chicago. A Notre Dame MBA will equip me with modern management tools, concepts and practical models that are not only appropriate for meeting current management challenges, but also adaptable to new and emerging situations. I will get to exercise teamwork, and analytical and leadership skills while discussing real-world business challenges. My decision-making and communication abilities will also be enhanced as I work with a diverse group of individuals to define goals, identify problems, and determine solutions to these challenges. The benefits of practical experience in my undergraduate education were immense, and I look forward to the exceptional learning opportunities at Notre Dame, for a continuation of the same. Apart from this, I am also attracted by the program's class size, which encourages a close-knit community where the students' strengths can easily be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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