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The use of the slang word “Fuut” among the Gaucho community Among the Gaucho community, slang is a common language among the young people, due to the fun in the use of the names. Very often, new words keep emerging from among these individuals, which they so much love to use…
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Download file to see previous pages One of these words that I came across recently among the college mates is fuut. In this journal article, I discuss the grammatical meaning if the word, its use among the students, its origin, as well as longevity. Definition and Grammatical Function Fuut, being a versatile word among the college vocabulary functions as a noun, a verb, as well as an adjective. The context with which the people use the word determines its grammatical function. In its contextual meaning, fuut is poor treatment of other people by a person, whom they used to share a close relationship or friendship together. As such, it could also apply to groups of people, where a group could treat another group badly. For instance when used in its plural status in a sentence, two rival groups could say “of late, the cheerleaders fuuts on the basketball team.” This means that the two groups initially were close, but due to some issues, fell apart. Subsequently, the cheerleaders now treat the basketball team badly. As a noun, one could refer to another person, especially one who treats him/her badly as a fuut. In this context, John could say, “Mary is a fuut.” This means that Mary currently treats John badly, despite their having had a good relationship before falling out with each other. Negatively, it can also mean that the action if person lead to the occurrence of a problem. For instance, John could say, “Mary’s fuut is gives me a headache.” In order to belittle the rival, one could add “ie” to the noun to form-fuutie. This could also mean that the opponent disregard the other party’s behavior, to a point of him/her. For instance, John could say, “Mary is just a fuutie.” as such, he makes fun of her behavior, showing how lowly she reasons. Further, adding –“ie” changes the noun to an adjective. The basketball team could say, “The fuutie cheerleaders did not appear in our tournament.” In this form, fuutie describes a group of cheerleaders who treat a basketball team badly, despite their having needed their support. Finally, fuut could also mean a verb, which means the action of treating another person badly. An observer could say, “of late, Mary really fuuts on John.” This means that she currently treats him rather badly. Additionally, it could also act as a verb by adding-“ing” to mean the act of treating another badly. For instance, the basketball team could say, “the fuuting cheerleaders are unreasonable.” However, without the suffixes, “ing” and “ie”, the word could not function as a verb or an adjective. 2. Demographics for the Term Mostly, people or groups that previously had a close relationship but fell apart use fuut while describing each other. Of course, when two friends become enemies, there is loss of communication. The fact that they shared quite a lot, and knew each other well, would lead to hatred and at times hostility. Open scorn is part of the behavior that these people exhibit towards each other. As such, the most likely groups of people to use this word are onetime close friends or lovers. Age in most cases determines the meaning of the word. For instance, is an adult person uses the word; it could have a very different meaning from when a teenager uses it. Additionally, it also has a different meaning when used by a kid. However, it is rare for the adults and the kids to use such a word. Innocently, a wife could tell his husband, “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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