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Instructor Date Internship Experience My internship experience has been fathomable in that I have gained knowledge on how to be competitive in my career. Before I started my internship at the Minnesota Film and TV, I was not sure of what to specialize in…
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Personal paper
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Download file to see previous pages While growing up, I had a deep desire within me to pursue and advance my career in film production. This instigated my desire to advance my studies in high school and college. At some point, I was unable to full attain my goals until now when I discovered this internship. I must admit that this internship has changed my perception as a film producer in the marketplace. In my internship, I have learnt that my career is more of a personal experience than being taught in the classroom. I have gained great insights on entertainment industry specifically about film production. My experience in this internship has adequately prepared me to understand what is required to shoot a film or a commercial. I have been motivated to apply in different placements such as TV Board and MN film. I am privileged to understand the things that take place when shooting a film such as the best location to make the movie, the equipments required, and the funding just to name a few. In life, mentors cannot be underestimated in that they help many people understand their personal and career goals. Craig Rice has been a great mentor in my career in that he has equipped me with skills and abilities that help one to become a competent film producer. With this, I am ready to face the modern world that value films and commercial adverts. When we first met, Craig promised me that he would usher me in my career as a producer. Since I met him, I have discovered more about myself especially in the arena of film production. I have expanded my knowledge in the film production by ensuring that I am challenging myself. This internship has been a tremendous opportunity to integrate practices and theories that I learnt in high school and college. I have studied a lot of practice in my classes, and even applied some to application. However, this internship has changed my role as an observer to being more of an active participant in the field. My experience has challenged my theoretical base in the classroom in that I practically utilized what I have been taught in the classroom to the field. My knowledge in film production has increased from one level to the other. As previously mentioned, I have learnt how to make a film or a commercial and the best location that suit the production process. I have developed some principles in my work. In essence, I have obtained these principles from my personal experiences in school, in the workplace, and life. The intern has helped me understand what my weaknesses and strengths are in given situations. Understanding what works for me has expanded my skills in my area of professionalism. I have moved into another phase of learning where the focus differs from learning the work to understanding and learning how to perform the task effectively. This internship has helped me to acquire new skills and abilities, and I am now grateful since I can think about skill development in broad terms. Internship is an opportunity for a student to measure their learning in class to the actual work. The knowledge and skills acquired from the class can be applied in the field and will effectively help a student succeed in their work (Frederick and King 8). The greatest importance of attending an internship is to understand the real issues inherent in the field, as opposed to the theoretical learning in the class. It is more of a practical class that is not learnt in a learning institution. Skills are acquired, which help the intern to handle similar situations in their jobs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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