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This paper is the finest example of the narrative essay in the form of the letter to a friend. In this letter, the author describes some extremely difficult periods of his life and gives many examples of how his friend has helped to overcome all fears by providing support and encouraging for the future success…
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A difficult choice
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< > < > < > < > Letter Dear Jack, Hope you are doing well. The hearsay I’m about to tell you is not obviously a bolt from the blue for you. I’ve been assigned with a paleontological work at the depth of 100 miles from Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in California and I’m getting on my boots today. Like a last leaf that is about to fall down the tree, I pen down this letter as an everlasting memory of my dreams and to my dear most friend who helped me chase my dreams to the fullest. The contributions that I have made to my country as a geologist had been very little though. I have travelled time and space to all the exotic landscapes for exploiting answers across fields. When this mission of mine may render me the fathomless mortality, I don’t want the words that remain engraved in my heart forever to remain only with me. As of now, we are in the interiors of California, which is typically a camping spot in this region. I might not know if this journey of mine would take me somewhere away from you. Perhaps the heavens! I have mixed up the emotions to not let my dearest get locked up in the oceans of one and sail it all alone. Now, here you go ahead with this letter… The person who was once adventurous, enigmatic and one’s whose world was totally meant to span the far horizon became divine when you made this vagabond spinster realize that there are even more in life that one should never forget. I would have chosen to stay by your side but for this passion of mine and as you’s my cue!! You have been my closest through all my time zones though I got fewer chances to be with you in person. You should know how much I missed being with you!! I miss all the walks down the lane, our basketball matches and the way you used to help me with my assignments in high school. My heart breaks when I think about the fact that I won’t be able to see you everyday. The first time I met you was in November 2009 during Bretto’s birthday party. If I remember right, Cout brought me at the party and introduced me to you first. We had two or three glasses of beer and a shot at Cout who sung Karaoke….badly. The party host finally cut us off because Cout was singing so bad that he was getting booed. Yes it was that bad. Over the next few years, we shared a lot of birthdays, movies and a lot of basketball games (which I was never interested in..Lol). Those were the best days of my life. We had a lot of fun. We boozed sometimes…no..we definitely boozed a lot. I loved surfing a lot. When there was no one around, you were always there with me for surfing. And when we got bored, we used to login the IM or a social networking website and just talk about god knows what. You were always there when I wanted a buddy to go for a party, movie, someone to talk to and a drinking buddy. Our birthday celebrations were the funnies I have ever had. As far my remembrance goes, we have never eaten a full cake during our birthday celebrations.. most of them…infact all of them have been thrown on each others face or around your already messed up room. I really miss those days. The best part about our friendship was that we never expected anything from each other. We were always these when we needed each other. I shall never forget how you have helped me to grow as a person. I will always be obliged to you for helping me to become the person I am today. From being a shy, reserved person, your company influenced me to be more expressive and cheerful always. Being with you, I realized that life is once and we must experience it to the fullest. I always admired how you helped me to overcome my biggest fears with ease. I am a big fan of your philosophy of life i.e to fight ones fears is the biggest fight in a man’s life. This made me fight against my fear heights. In your presence, I was able to do a sky diving from a good 1000ft. Yeah it was scary. But it was your presence during that act which helped me to overcome it. I wonder if I can ever find a friend like you again in my life. There had been many situations that made me feel weak and totally exhausted to go on and if you did not really know, you were the one to push all the moral support and helped me survive. This is not obviously an inspirational one from movies. Believe me!! Being oneself is something you always believe in and something that you acquire as an inspiration for others. It was that temperament which keeps whatever I possess in me going. A straight forward person, who has been the adorable one most of my times, told me how idiotic and arduous I’m to manage with. You have put me through so many ordeals to make sure I’m not the same emotional dumb person that I had been once. Lol! Though that was austere, I now realize it was all for my good. Can there be a better well wisher but for you?!! Obviously not! I had never imagined that I would be expressing my feelings under such circumstances. I really miss you and wish you that you get all the happiness which u richly deserve. At any time, do not forget to save a seat for me at the bar. I don’t know if I can make it but I know when I do, I know I will always have a friend there. Read More
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