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Dark Knight Massacre Shooting of Aurora Colorado - Essay Example

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Dark Knight Massacre Shooting of Aurora, Colorado (Name of Student) (Name of School) Introduction Terrorism in any form, local or foreign affects psychological behavior of people. What causes terrorism or what forces a person to kill someone staring blindly in the eye is our topic of concern…
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Dark Knight Massacre Shooting of Aurora Colorado
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Download file to see previous pages This resulted in 12 deaths and 50 injuries. Holmes himself was covered in bullet resistant clothes and addressed himself as ‘the Joker’ from the Batman villain fame. He had dyed his hair a flaming orange. Holmes did not resist arrest and was taken into custody. He is 24 years old PhD neuroscience student who is claimed to be brilliant and troubled at the same time. Upon investigation Holmes revealed that he had booby trapped his apartment and after a massive search operation police managed to recover hand grenades from his apartment. At the time of the shootings Holmes had setup loud music to play from his apartment, which was heard by many witnesses. I believe Holmes was a deranged man. He was unbalanced beyond awareness. Although he was a scientific genius, many proofs of his unbalanced, social behavior have been uncovered. He was not insane; I believe he was experimenting the same subject he was studying. Arguments of Opposition Many reports have emerged over time claiming different things. One such report is that James Holmes was on a pharmaceutical drug Vicodin which the actual “Joker”, Heath Ledger, is also supposed to have abused. Report also suggests that exceeding Vicodin’s recommended levels makes for unusual behavior and altered mental states (Gucciardi, 2012). There are also reports of Holmes seeing a campus psychiatrist on June 11, 2012 (Press, 2012). Holmes made the last call to his psychiatrist just before the shootout. He is said to have submitted a notebook to his psychiatrist which is protected by patient-doctor privacy laws. A report states that Chris Townsond, who escaped unharmed, believes that a mental illness does not give anyone any right to kill somebody (Banda, 2012). No matter how badly broken and ill a person was no one has the right to massacre shoot an audience and spread mistrust and panic. Discussion and Analysis If Holmes was on a drug, especially one like Vicodin, he must have taken time to exceed the recommended dosage. He had seen a psychiatrist a month and 10 days back which would land him in a safe zone for drug abuse, which his psychiatrist would have detected. Vicodin is an opioid pain reliever, having narcotic properties. Unless it is used in combination with other substances, it has minor side-effects, with nervous system side-effects ranging from dizziness, delirium, depression to stupor. So far there has been no news on the notebook that was given to the psychiatrist by Holmes. The book which is protected by so-called laws is a very insightful piece of evidence which can evict the case. The deliberate attempt to keep the notebook under locks can be viewed as irresponsible on the part of judiciary. To keep the evidence sealed and hidden using laws is a clever way of concealing it. Initial reports by the police confirmed that Holmes was not mad or deranged when they caught him. He was in his senses. Some reports which reported survivor stories told how some survivors saw him screaming at people to stand up from the crowd so he could shoot them at point blank range (Reporter, 2012). Yet his lawyers try time and again to prove he is mad and insane. His first appearance in court was a shock to many as he sat with glazed eyes as though medicated. When initial reports confirmed he was not medicated and not high, all his appearances in court have been put up to buy time and convince people that he had lost his mind and had committed a crime without knowing. Even in cell, his behavior ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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