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God does not Play Dice but Science does - Research Paper Example

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University: Date Submitted: God does not Play Dice but Science does The agency or phenomenon which is liable for the birth of the universe is better known as ‘God’. However, if one appeals to science for an answer regarding the creation of the universe, the existence of God might seem absurd…
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God does not Play Dice but Science does
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God does not Play Dice but Science does

Download file to see previous pages... Before the Big Bang our cosmos was no bigger than the size of an atomic nucleus. Science explains that since then the universe has been expanding at a steady rate (John, 1997). It was Edwin Hubble in 1929 whose observations confirmed this assumption. Although the cosmos is expanding, no one knows what it is expanding into. The laws of science could explain the initial conditions of the universe but would fail to clarify the reason because of which the universe began. Before the Eighteenth century, it was believed that such questions belonged to the realm of metaphysics or religion. Today such an approach is widely considered preposterous as science in the 21st century could unravel the most astounding mysteries. Our perceptions of space and time have been greatly influenced by theories including Einstein’s general theory of Relativity, Newton's theory of gravity and largely by the Quantum theory. Einstein's special theory of relativity, which was later modified as the general theory of relativity and Newton's theory are classical theories. Their implications proposed that space and time were a fixed background. Time was like a long track stretching in only two directions. Einstein found innumerable difficulties when he tried to reconcile his special theory with Newton's theory of Gravity. He eventually resorted to the conclusion that space itself was curved and it was not separate from time. He highlighted the fact that gravity had distorted everything in space. Objects in space would try to move in a straight direction but their paths would appear to be bent. It was thus evaluated that due to sun's mass space-time would curve which bends the path of the planets. Space-time could be defined as the four dimensional space whose each point is an event. Einstein's General theory of relativity which further stated that the laws of science should be same for all observers was confirmed in 1915, approximately ten years after the acceptance of the special theory of relativity. Now one might wonder that reality could be stranger than fiction because the laws which govern cosmos can shape reality in the most unusual fashion. It is inevitable to ignore these complex notions if we are to develop an understanding of space and time from a scientific angle. The discovery of Quantum mechanics in 1926 was one of the greatest achievements ever for science. Einstein was partly responsible for its discovery but Max Planck played the major role. The word 'Quantum' has been derived from 'Quanta' which means packets. Quantum physics deals with the study of sub-atomic particles and according to many scientists this theory has brought an element of uncertainty in modern physics (Michel, 2006). An important concept which forms the basis of Quantum theory is the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. It states that one cannot accurately determine the velocity and position of a particle simultaneously. If you would try to measure a particle's location accurately, then you will not be able to determine its actual velocity. Einstein had earlier suggested that light consisted of particles known as 'photons'. He thus explained how electrons in a solid body would be dislodged if light fell on it. It should be noted that Quantum mechanics function on a very small scale but it remains a significant part of Science. However Richard Feynman's theory without which the Quantum theory is incomplete can be applied on a larger scale. According to its principles every event or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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