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Are Police Officers Above the Laws They are Sworn to Uphold - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor's Name: Course: Date: Are police officers above the laws they are sworn to uphold? In the United States police officers are usually held to unusually high standards of moral aptitude. They are routinely required to perform a diverse set of tasks that necessitate a high degree of integrity in a policeman or woman…
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Are Police Officers Above the Laws They are Sworn to Uphold
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Download file to see previous pages A better spotlight on police activities and education on human rights principles is much needed to re-align the interests of the American police force with those of the American public and at the same time, a system of public oversight needs to be established to make the police more accountable for their actions (Cohen 1975). Police corruption and violence take a huge toll on a society. The feelings of injustice and an increased marginalization of the less privileged are only amplified when a person is unlawfully targeted by the police. The increased police violence also brings with it the disappointment that nothing can be done to curb this tyranny undertaken by the police. This attitude is quite pervasive in the society, leading many people to view the law enforcement agencies as the enemy which seriously undermines their authority by giving people a reason to not cooperate with them if need be (Sherman 1978). It is true that many police officers remain conscientious and honest but still, there are others who use their authority to serve their own interests. Unfortunately, this attitude is a source of fear and harassment for their victim’ families and the related communities. ...
This is a serious allegation as it means that sometimes more than one police officer is involved in the incidence. Police violence is usually a way of imparting justice which clearly is not a part of their job description. It is commonly accepted in the American legal system that a person is innocent until proven guilty. But the American police have acquired the reputation of being a law unto themselves. Many incidences are reported every year, where it is evident the a police man acted without any respect for people’s rights and imparted violence even though the situation could have been handled without the use of guns or batons (Sherman 1978). The profession of a policeman requires a lot of accountability, perhaps even more than a doctor’s. After all, only police officers have the authority to take away a person’s freedom and even life and no questions may be asked in certain situations. This power over people’s lives is also very visible which is why every police officer must hold himself to the greatest standard of honesty, integrity, equality and professionalism. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and instead many police officers are blinded into thinking that their authority over people’s lives is immortal and invincible (United Nations Office on Drug and Crime 2011). Law enforcement agencies must create procedures that subjugate police officers to public scrutiny in case of any violent or corrupt behavior. They must take responsibility for policemen demonstrating proper public behavior. (COPS 2009) Police force needs to build a sustainable relationship with the public by demonstrating honor and integrity. Police officers who are found guilty of race discrimination or use of excessive force must ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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