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The Tuwalakuwla Islands - Essay Example

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Name The Tuwalakuwla Islands I was never so excited to be getting on board a space shuttle with a large group of people. This space shuttle was especially designed to take all those people on earth who had some psychological disorder or the other, in search of another planet or island beyond earth that would provide them with the nourishment they needed…
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The Tuwalakuwla Islands
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Download file to see previous pages I, Andrew, was a patient with disease different from the rest, called the SOS. It disrupted my physical activities if I over exerted. My mother was a scientist and she was not afraid of experimenting on her only son, ten years of age. I was excited as well. The leader of the crew James was taking rounds to make sure everyone was in their cabin assigned for each family. There were around fifty families on board the shuttle. Everyone seemed scared and tensed because it was something man was experimenting for the very first time. The shuttle doors automatically started to slowly slide shut as each cabin door closed. My mother, Anne has assigned a tutor for me who was a retired scientist with extra sensory perception. He was going to teach me about earth while we were away and read stories from the holy book. We had a super market cabin for shopping and a cafe cabin for leisure. I often heard serious conversation coming from the conference cabin where all the senior staff members were designing strategies to keep the fifty families in comfort. Doctors were seen examining patients before the take-off. With the final announcement, everybody went to their assigned cabin and we heard a loud roaring sound of the engine before it took off in space. There was complete silence for some time. Then I don’t remember anything after that. We all had probably died. The next thing I remember was being in bed with mom sitting next to me talking to my tutor-cum-god father about my health. I asked mom what time it was and she announced slowly that according to the earth it was twelve in noon but the this time was showing in everybody’s watch for the past twenty years! My heart stopped for a split second and then before I could question this ambiguous fact uttered by mom, the tutor, John, told me that we were all injected a special drug that was designed to wake us when we reached near an island. “Come I’ll show from the windowpane,” he said and lifted me from the bed and placed me in the wheel chair. “But why were we injected that drug? Wouldn’t growing up on the shuttle have been fun?” I began to argue and just when my mother tried to change the topic John said to her, “I’ll handle from here.” I knew that John and I would be best friends. He told me that the drugged saved a lot of resources that we would have exhausted in twenty years. He slyly added “Plus, aren’t you glad we all look the same even after so many years? Bet you know how a thirty year old feels like?” He laughed as the expressions on my face changed into that of recently discovering something new! We returned to the cabin where he placed me back in the bed and told me to wait for him. No sooner than he left there was a loud crashing sound heard from the outer walls of the shuttle. I heard everyone screaming and shouting for help. John and Anne returned to the cabin in a state of frenzy. An urgent announcement was heard beckoning people to return to their cabins and clear the corridors. The shuttle was shaking very badly. It was like death approaching us in slow motion. I thought this time it would be real. We all will die and the News strip back on earth would run the breaking new “The experimental shuttle crashed in space, thousands die.” While I cynically thought of our end, we heard another ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Tuwalakuwla Islands Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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