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Early Release as an Apparent Catalyst for Social Upheaval - Research Proposal Example

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Early Release as an Apparent Catalyst for Social Upheaval Letter of Transmittal 2nd of December 2011 _ _ _ Dear _, I submit herewith a research paper on the viability of advocating Early Release Programs of Prisoners entitled, “Early Release as an Apparent Catalyst for Social Upheaval.” This is in compliance to the course requirements in _…
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Early Release as an Apparent Catalyst for Social Upheaval
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Extract of sample "Early Release as an Apparent Catalyst for Social Upheaval"

Download file to see previous pages To further the research, the detrimental aspects of such laws were given so as to prove that there is a remarked disadvantageous consequence to such policies. As such, the over-all thrust of this paper is to illustrate how a justified evolution in systemic process has invariably led to a degenerative movement of the society. Yours Sincerely, __________________________ __________________________ Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Coming of the Modern Times: Evolution in the Criminal Justice System 4 The UK Experience: Early Release Program of Prisoners 4 Criminal Justice Act of 1991 5 Short-Term Prisoner 5 Long-Term Prisoner 5 Crime and Disorder Act of 1998 5 Anti-Social Behavior Orders (ASBO) 5 Criminal Justice Act of 2003 6 Court and Police Procedure Reform 6 New Guidelines in Trials without Jury 6 Rules in Criminal Evidence 6 Procedural Amendments in Sentencing Detriments to Early Release Program of Prisoners 6 Social Stigma 6 Complex and Restrictive After-Release Arrangement 7 Divergent Implementation Procedure of After-Release Policies 7 Failure of Reformation 7 Evolution of the Criminal Justice System 7 UK Key Determinants: Crime Rate 7 Tables 7 1: World Ranking of Countries with the Most Number of Violent Crimes 8 2: British Crime Survey – 2008/09 9 3: Police Recorded Crime – 2008/09 10 4: Trends in BCS Violent Crime By Type of Violence, 1995 to 2008/09 10 Conclusion 11 References 12 Executive Summary The United Kingdom has afforded the implementation of legislative enactments focusing on the re-integration of unlawful offenders into the mainstream society through the Criminal Justice Act of 1991, the Crime and Disorder Act of 1998 and the Criminal Justice Act of 2003. These laws have underscored the significance and viable contribution that an early-release of prisoners would generate into the well-being of the nation. However, factors such as the alarming prognosis set by the UK crime rate after the implementation of said rules have presented the idea that the early release of prisoners may not actually be a step towards the development of the society. In fact, the enactment of the mentioned laws may actually be construed as a movement towards the generation of an otherwise functional community. In this regard, this paper seeks to establish the detrimental consequences associated with an early release program of prisoners. This paper will provide a summation of the societal implication of advocating such reform in criminal justice by assessing the English social systemic make up and its concomitant response to such development. Over all, this paper will show how a perceived progressive stance is invariably paralleled to a regressive step leading to the collapse of an otherwise competent nation. Introduction In 1944, a year prior to the enactment of the United Nations of its charter espousing the abolition of racism, George Junius Stinney, a fourteen year-old black boy was executed in South Carolina (Taylor, 2011; Bydoon, 2010). In 1979, a mentally-ill man named John Paul Penry was condemned to suffer the death penalty (Orecklin, 2000). In 2006, four days after his 76th birthday and four months after a near-fatal heart ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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