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Food, The Transmitter of a Cook's Emotions - Research Paper Example

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Food does not only nourish us but also stimulates our emotion. As a consumption artifact, food stimulates certain “web of associations” and memories within us. It appeals to our senses and arouses certain emotions that link us to certain people, times, and other places…
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Food, The Transmitter of a Cooks Emotions
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Download file to see previous pages The cook who prepares our food understands this linkage between food and emotion. In addition to the cook’s personal passion for the job, the cook also have a deep understanding that particular foods can make us feel in certain ways; that we will always connect a certain sense of our well being with food (Anon, 2004). This explains why cooks are exerting tremendous effort when they prepare our food. They knew that foods do not only feeds and nourishes the body but also makes us “feel” in certain ways.
Cooks can be considered as “food artists”. In the same way that a painter can convey emotions with his or her masterpieces, cooks can also transmit his or her emotion through food. In fact, cooks can even transmit a stronger emotion to the consumers than what a visual artist does because the experience in partaking food prepared by the cook is more personal and satisfying compared to an artist who only makes emotional impression with its audience.
Ways a cook can transmit emotions through food
As stated earlier, food stimulates a “web of association within us. Foods appeals to our senses and arouses certain emotions that link us to certain people, times, and other places (McDonald, 2007) and being such, is able to transmit emotions to us. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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