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How to become a lady to be admired and envied - Essay Example

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A woman to be envied and admired is the kind of a person who knows what she wants even though she may not end up getting it. She keeps focused on the goal regardless of the distance that the goal seems to be. She knows her weaknesses and her strength…
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How to become a lady to be admired and envied
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Download file to see previous pages None of the statements above includes level of college degree, level of career, financial wealth or marital status. This does not mean that they are not important. Certainly, they are to the same degree they are essential to an individual. Those accomplishments are as an outcome of goal setting and realization for those precise successes (Lowrey, 1).
Being a woman is all about self-improvement and self-help. One should make a plan. Making a decision of the goal that one wants to accomplish in life and within a definite period is vital. Women should do something to be remembered when they are no more. For instance, you may want your children to recall the fact that that you were the cleanest or for the flower you grew. Again voicing your dream is an important goal regardless of where you are. Learn to tell the world who you want to be and what you want in life. When you tell others, it means committing. Ladies should always be aware of whom they are and what they want to become takes much approach. Look inside and find the things that you are proud of and this can be seen as self-aid or self-development. Before looking for her weakness, a woman needs to know what she does best. In addition, strength awareness builds character and confidence (Lowrey 3).
In today’s society, it is very important to have a role model to whom one can look upon for guidance. The role model should be a positive influencer, one that we can trust, relate to our situations and share information that can help us reach our goals and help us to solve a problem. This role model lays an important part in our lives and they assist us in making sound decisions. They help us more in mental and growth development. Woman/a female in public eyes catch the attention of very many people. They watch the way in which a woman conducts herself, the way she speak and how she treats others. Women should live by the saying that ‘to whom much is given, much is expected'. They should understand the importance of representing themselves and the family in responsible and responsible manner. Skylar Diggins’, one of the basketball players is one of the role models among women and she tries to help young girls by volunteering. She hosts number of free clinics, coaches many girls and speaks to them. She believes that this could help young girls realize their potential and set a higher bar for themselves (Diggings, 1&2). Most people in life have a role model who guides them. Reasons for these role models vary from one reason to another but the ideal they represent and the admiration they inspire is what makes them attractive. A role model should have the ability to give spiritual and moral values to an individual and stimulate a person to reach beyond one self. Today, the role models exposed to women are fashion related, interpersonal relationships, dating, marital as well as professional on careers. From Catholics’ point of view, blessed Virgin Mary remains the role model for all women at all times since they see her as an example of transcend and inclusive time and culture. Mary is seen as the perfect human being; in her, women of all walks of life can see what it means to be a woman in relationship with Christ. Women can learn fulfillment of existence of feminine by not aspiring to become a copy of masculine since such thoughts always distort the mission and vision of a female (Sommers, 1&2). Successful Women and What They Do There are women who have really worked hard and they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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