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I was born in Al Ain, one of the seven emirates in United Arab Emirates. Even though, most parts of United Arab Emirates are covered by deserts, Al Ain is the most greenish emirate in UAE. Beautiful gardens, variety of agriculture, beautiful rods and other infrastructure facilities…
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Self Introduction
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Self Introduction I was born in Al Ain, one of the seven emirates in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Even though, most parts of United Arab Emirates are covered by deserts, Al Ain is the most greenish emirate in UAE. Beautiful gardens, variety of agriculture, beautiful rods and other infrastructure facilities are some of the features of Al Ain which makes it unique among other places in UAE. Even though many forms of music are popular in Al Ain, I like rap music very much. Because of the Arab culture in UAE, most of the people in my country like Arab music. However, I got the opportunity to mingle with many of the foreigners in my country and the relationships I made with them helped me to know more about other forms of music and culture. Thus rap music became my favourite music at present. Generally I like movies very much especially historic and Epic action movies. My favourite film stars are the action heroes from Hollywood. Apart from the Hollywood celebrities, I like Jackie Chan very much because of the risky actions he is capable of doing. Arabic foods are the favourite food for me even though occasionally I taste the foods of other countries. UAE is a country which is blessed with a diverse population from all over the world. UAE is the business hub of Middle East and entrepreneurs from all over the world are available in UAE. These foreign entrepreneurs indirectly helped the growth of different restaurants in UAE. Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, Chinese and American foods are available all over UAE. However, I like the traditional Arabic foods. For example, while most of the foreigners in UAE take tea or coffee, I like sulaimani (Tea without milk) very much. Religion has influenced me immensely in shaping my personality and beliefs. As everybody knows, Islam is the prominent religion in United Arab Emirates. However, unlike some other parts of the Muslim world, UAE Muslims are well educated and keep high level of thinking. Most of the UAE youths are educated from foreign universities like the American and British universities. Such education helped the UAE youths immensely in knowing more about the external world and to come out from superstitions and fundamentalism. Politics has not much meaning in UAE. However, the people are satisfied with what they are getting from the administration. Better infrastructure facilities and high levels of living standards are the major features of UAE life and hence people have not many worries about politics. Sheik Sayed, who ruled UAE in the recent past, is the person who influenced me a lot. He succeeded in making UAE a prosperous country. Under his leadership, UAE succeeded in utilizing or mobilizing its resources effectively and UAE is definitely indebted to this visionary leader for the contributions he made to UAE. The world famous Dubai shopping festival is one of the favourite events for me. Even though, it occurs in Dubai, it is easy for me to participate in it because of the near proximity of Al Ain to Dubai. To conclude, the exposure I got to the foreign culture helped me a lot in shaping my personality. Read More
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