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Challenge of treatment low to medium strength municipal wastewater from ambient to low temperature by using UASB reactors - Dissertation Example

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CHALLENGE OF TREATMENT LOW TO MEDIUM STRENGTH MUNICIPAL WASTEWATER FROM AMBIENT TO LOW TEMPERATURE BY USING UASB REACTORS Course code+ Name Professor Institution Date Literature Reviews 2001. Intergrated anaerobic treatment. Belgium. This book describes wastewater and sewage treatment in the Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) digester…
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Challenge of treatment low to medium strength municipal wastewater from ambient to low temperature by using UASB reactors
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Extract of sample "Challenge of treatment low to medium strength municipal wastewater from ambient to low temperature by using UASB reactors"

Download file to see previous pages A, Boncz 2001, "Anaerobic Digestion Congress." Belgium. This book expounds on the ninth world congress. It gives a detailed study on the anaerobic digestion with reference to the proceedings in that congress. A, Charlier C 1994, Water Science Technology. Washington DC: Sage Publishers. This book is rich on data regarding the challenges prone in urban water management. It informs on municipal wastewater treatments by provide basic and necessary guidelines. Augusto, Carlos, and De Lemos Chernicharo 2007, Anaerobic Reactors. IWA. This books covers on several aspects regarding anaerobic reactors. It gives details on the principles of anaerobic digestion, biomass in the anaerobic systems along with designs in anaerobic reactors. Barbosa 1995, Wastewater Examination. Washington DC: Sage. Barbosa gives an account on waste and wastewater analysis. This is through providing details with physical analysis, sampling, instrumental analysis, chemical analysis, floatable analysis, organic analysis, statistical analysis and treatability analysis. Bhat, P., M.S. Kumar, and S.N. Mudliar. Biodegradation of tech-hexachlorocyclohexane. The authors give an account on biodegradation and biological treatmensts. Elsevier, 2006.Biological Wastewater Treatment in Warm Climate Regions. International Water Assoc. The author gives an account on wastewater treatment, characteristic and disposal in warm climatic regions. He gives details on water pollution and water quality before giving an account on waste water systems. C, Forestor F, and Chacin F 1997, Bio-resource Technology. New York: Maccmilan. Chacin and forester provide a very significant an easy to use management and applications of biotechnology. The book gives a state to art research on biotechnological inventions and innovation, especially for commercial exploiting. Chaggu 2004, Modified Pitlatrines. Wageningen : Wageningen University. This book is based on anaerobic treatments with fish processing in the wastes. It defined the anaerobic hydrolysis of lipids and proteins in fish processing on wastewaters. The author also gives an account on the use of ammonia and sodium chloride in the anaerobic treatment of lipids and proteins. Chernicharo, Carlos Augusto de Lemos 2005, Biological wastewater treatment in warm climate . IWA Publishing. The author gives an over view on sludge disposal and treatment in the perspective of slid concentrations, levels and flow. D, Mavinic S 1994, Water Environment. Wageningen : Wageningen University. Mavinic gives a detailed study on the climatic changes and their implications on water environments. He addresses this aspect from a wide range of approaches inclusive of the geographic and temporal and geographic perspectives. Lisa, Orphan, and Blaszcyk Kosaric 1999, UASR Water Science Technology. New York: New York University Press. The book by Lisa and Kosaric describes different ways in which technology has been used in the development of all aspects of UASR especially when related to water and raw sewage. M, Kato T 1994, Low Strength Water Treatment. Wageningen: Press Publishers. Kato’s book has identification of the different water and sewage treatment using both low strengths. This book shows the different interactions of water strength as well as how these operations are useful in the treatment of sewage. Mara, David Duncan 2004, Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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