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History of Search Engines - Dissertation Example

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This essay analyzes search engine, that is a part of the web and these have turned to be an essential element for the purpose of web interaction. The search engines not only deal with the information requests but also the search engines in the present time act as a means of finding ways…
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History of Search Engines
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Extract of sample "History of Search Engines"

Download file to see previous pages nt of time, the files used to remain spread on unidentified public FTP servers which were only able to be found when someone declared a particular file’s availability through email and discussion forum or such similar sources. After a time-span of a year a dispersed search as well as recovery system procedure for documents known by the name of Gopher, was made available in the Internet. This was developed by a team of researchers belonging to the University of Minnesota. This release of Gopher was trailed by the emergence of few programs of searching known as Jughead as well as Veronica. These programs were stated to explore those files which were grouped in the directory systems of Gopher and made available a search related to the records and names with the help of a keyword on the numerous servers of Gopher (Gasser, 2006). Accessing the Internet speedily stretched outside its earlier area of research which was of industrial organizations and academic world. This reformation and alteration took place after the World Wide Web (WWW), which was made available publicly from August 1991, achieved vital mass in the year 1993. This was achieved with the help of the emergence of ‘Mosaic’ which was a web browser. ‘Mosaic’ was stated to be the initial program that offered a user a graphical user interface. Corresponding to the emergence of ‘Mosaic’, the earliest search engine of Web came forward. Wandex which was a directory of confined Universal Resource Locator (URL) and was founded on the earliest web crawler known as the World Wide Web Wanderer was developed. This was initially developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the reason of tracking the progress of the web. At the similar time, a range of search engines surfaced, entailing Aliweb....
This essay discusses that the information or data will be collected from secondary sources such as library materials. The sources will include journals, books, reports, articles, and magazines. This will be observed to be quite suitable for the research study owing to the easy accessibility and the broad mixture of sources which will assist in making the research more precise and correct. It is important that the information is gathered from the right sources. The legitimacy of the sources considered in this study will also be considered as a reason for selecting this process.
The way of evaluating the information in this research study will be with the help of qualitative method. The qualitative method will be selected for the study as the data collected will consist of a wide range of information which will be to a certain extent impossible to be quantified.
From the above discussion, the history of the search engines can be evidently traced. It can be inferred from the history that various search engines were released owing to their importance. Constant innovations were made so as to enhance the functions of the search engines. The amount of people browsing the web has been increasing with every passing day and so is the requirement of search engines. These not only aid in narrowing down one’s search but is also being used a source of promotion by the companies. The research will help to provide a pertinent reflection on this valuable factor in the global Internet platform. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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