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Critique on President Obama Inauguration Speech Name of the speaker: US President Barrack Hussein Obama The topic of the speech: Inauguration Speech as President of USA Date: 20 January 2009 Time: 12:05 PM Location of the speech…
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Critique of Outside Speaker ( Various speeches 4 pages each)
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Download file to see previous pages He did not make any overwhelming gesture or aggressive style to draw the attention of listeners. In order to draw interest of listeners the content of his speech was very aggressive, full of hope and courage. He delivered each sentence very carefully and gave pauses to receive the applause. He never consulted written material and always looked into the crowd. 2. How were the main points organized? How were they supported (facts?, examples? Testimony, narratives?) What types of reasoning did the speaker employ? The main points were organized skillfully. Each point was linked with previous point maintaining a rhythm throughout the speech. The speech started with thanks to previous President. Speaker showed humbleness and acknowledged sacrifices of older generations. He did not mention exact events but made a reference to difficult times and admired resolve of American nation in overcoming every difficulty. He mentioned about war against terrorism and difficulties being faced and showed resolve to win this war. Without giving specific details he mentioned issues of poor economy, joblessness, deteriorating education and healthcare issues. He highlighted all major issues that confront American nation however did not mention details or their solution. He just stressed his resolve and hope to overcome all the problems. The audience liked his hopeful language and courageous style with occasional applause. He took this opportunity to reaffirm enduring spirit. He did not mention any facts or figures and only made two references to events of history. These events were migration of people to America and hardships borne by them to develop this land in peace and war. He made a second historic reference towards the words uttered by founding father during civil war ( Obama Inauguration Address ). He touched upon common heritage despite diversity and gave a message of hope to poor nations. He also gave a tough message to enemies without naming them. 3. Comment on the speaker’s delivery, noting both positive and negative aspects. The delivery of speaker was consistent, confident, extempore and fluent. Throughout his speech he never fumbled or forgot. He kept in mind the audience which was beyond doubt the whole world. Pitch and tone of his voice followed the words and suited the occasion. Delivery of speech was classic and memorable. The speaker knew his topic very well. There was no pressure of audience on speaker and he did not fumble even once. The speaker was loud, clear, maintained eye contact with the crowd through out the speech, remained calm and composed. His words were emotional at some places but he did not get carried away with emotions. He used spaces between topics very well. His standing on stage was perfect and calm. President Obama displayed presence of mind and command over his subject. His gestures were few but these were well received by the audience. He maintained a serious tone and never used humor or loose words. His body language showed that he meant what he said. His delivery was spontaneous, natural and impressive. On the down side, at few places The President did not give enough pauses for the applause of audience. Had he not committed this mistake his speech would have appeared much popular. At very few places he switched topics rather abruptly which affected continuity of the speech. 4. What was the audience’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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