The relationship between creative written and verbal expression and attitudes toward violence - Dissertation Example

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The research intends to explore the interaction among creative writing (poetry and other forms of literary arts), and reduction of juvenile violence among African-American males in New Orleans via providing a wider picture of the subject matter…
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The relationship between creative written and verbal expression and attitudes toward violence
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Download file to see previous pages This quantitative study proposes to use a post-test only quasi-experimental design to address the research questions (Shaddish, Cook, and Campbell, 2002). Quasi-experimental design seems appropriate since the researcher finds it immpossible to randomly assign research participants, and also to conduct a pretest. As such, only a post-test will be distributed and non-random assignment of the participants is to be undertaken. Quasi-experimental designs are used to test whether educational practice makes a difference for individuals (Creswell, 2003). The treatment is defined in this proposed research project as a creative writing workshop, in which students are taught the elements of written and verbal expression. The treatment is considered to be complete once students construct a written creative expression and verbally share the written creative expression with the members of the treatment group. Neuman (2003) describes the concept of treatment as stimulus or manipulation, and in this case, the stimulus is the participation in the creative writing workshop. Post-treatment measures or the dependent variable that is considered in the research is the attitudes toward violence, and this will be collected and compared in order or determine whether there were significant differences in the attitudes changes of control and sample groups. . Research Design Research Instrumentat The Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY) will be used as post-test for treatment and control groups. The test authors developed the SAVRY to provide a standard rubric that could be used by a variety of systems that need to assess and manage youth violence. The instrument is composed of three domains of risk factors, containing 24 items. The Summary Risk Rating...
The purpose of this quantitative study is to explore the relationship, if any exist, between creative written and verbal expression and attitudes toward violence. To accomplish this purpose, the researcher intends to employs the quasi-experimental research design. Chapter three explained the research method and the dependent and independent variables. Context of the study was explained, the African American Males residing in what is considered the of the United States. Instruments involved were also explained which included the defined measurement. The primary data collect in the present study includes the scores from post-tests of the treatment and control groups. Data analysis to occur was explained along with limitations, threats to internal validity, and assumptions of the study. Population and sample size were defined, along with the geological location of the proposed study. In the following chapter the nature of findings and prospective areas of discussions of the study will be presented. In the writing of this research, certain assumptions are deemed as influencing the researcher in the course of study. These assumptions are: first, juvenile violence is a contemporary phenomenon brought about by factors present only in this period. Second, the study assumes that there is no single entity or individual solely responsible for solving the problem. Third, the problem of juvenile violence will affect not only the youth of today, but also will have an impact on the children of tomorrow. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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