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Water Ex-tractable Phosphate by Standard Spectrophotometric and FIA - Term Paper Example

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For the analysis of water extractable phosphate from the soil, the author finds and evaluates a Standard colorimetric method and to perform a few trial measurements. The author describes, using a flow diagram the complete process of this analysis, showing all conditions and timings …
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Water Ex-tractable Phosphate by Standard Spectrophotometric and FIA
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Download file to see previous pages In aqueous extracts, could there be colloidal particles of nonsoluble phosphates or of other compounds? Care must be taken to eliminate to the maximum those particles, because, they could alter the absorbance reading of soluble phosphates giving incorrect readings. Commonly the way to eliminate particles is to filter the extract through A research work has been accomplished to study the effect of colloids in the absorbance measurements of water extracts from soil, and a method consisting of the addition of NaCl to the water extract, followed by 0.45 m filtering, is given to reduce interference by colloidal particles (Koopmans, Chardon & van der Slam 2005).
b) Storing and preparation of the sample. The conditions of sample storing should be controlled for example in temperature, oxygen, humidity. Also, the sample is prepared for analysis, mainly ground and dried (Carter 1993) and (Jones 1999).
c) Extraction. There are several procedures to extract phosphorus from the soil, the selection of the method depends on what fraction of phosphorus is the wanted to be analyzed (Crowther J. 2009), (Jones 1999), (SASSA 2007), (Sobeck & Ebeling 2007). About water extraction, several methods are described, varying mainly the ratio soil to water that is according to the purpose of the analysis, (Jones 1999) and (Rita 2008).
d) Digestion. Is the process of converting all the phosphates in the form appropriate that reacts with the colorimetric reagent, and also to eliminate interferences which could be caused by other present species (Nutrient 2000) and (Water quality program 2006)
g) Calculation of concentration. In order to calculate the concentration of the analyte, a calibration curve should be constructed, based on the absorbance measurement of at least four standards of known concentration in the appropriate range.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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