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Petrochemical Industry - Research Paper Example

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The author of the paper "Petrochemical Industry" dwells on the management of the petrochemical industry. It is stated that the industry is a high-risk one, which involves hazardous material, chemical reaction, flammable explosion and many other risks…
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Petrochemical Industry
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Extract of sample "Petrochemical Industry"

Download file to see previous pages In cases of tragedy, it is critical that the reaction is at the quickest time possible. The management and all the employees in the petrochemical plant need to be educated on the risks and hazards they are likely to be at risk to at the plant. Through this at there shall be the minimum likelihood of any kind of accidents occurring at the plant. Although hazards related to flammable gases and toxic gases are common knowledge to personnel who operate in the petrochemical industry, continuous training and refreshment of knowledge on the matter are important in order to avoid any kinds of incidents that may come about as a result.The management should ascertain that all the employees are trained on the risks they are exposed to and ways of responding to them in case of an emergency. All the personnel at all the organizational level should be keenly involved in the detection of any hazards and risks at the plant.The employees should be informed of the risks that they are exposed to while working at the petrochemical plants. Inhaling the toxic gases emitted at the plant on a daily basis exposes an individual to critical diseases. Before one decides to work at the plant, they should make an informed decision on the future implications. Gaseous toxic substances are normally very dangerous because they are invisible and hence hard to detect. Install flammable gas detection system scan at the petrochemical firm as a way of providing a warning to flammable risks before the gas even reaches its flammable level. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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