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Organic Chemistry lab Determination of the Structure of a Natural Product in Anise Oil - Assignment Example

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Organophilic and hydrophilic characters in the reaction are being transferred to the aqueous and organic phases. The anions of the reactants and the products are transferred across the interfacial region into the organic…
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Organic Chemistry lab Determination of the Structure of a Natural Product in Anise Oil
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"Organic Chemistry lab Determination of the Structure of a Natural Product in Anise Oil"

Download file to see previous pages The molecule’s index of hydrogen deficiency is 10. This implies that there are 5 rings or double bonds in the structure. Each one would then compensate for the two of the hydrogen atoms that are not there (Lehman, p.292-294).
Upon catalytic hydrogenation of anise oil, a saturated compound with a chemical formula C10H20O, it points to the original structure to be containing four pibonds, since eight hydrogen atoms were added (Lehman, p.292-294).
Aliquat 336 functions as phase transfer catalyst, it provides green chemistry procedures. If it was not added, the experiment would not have been environmentally friendly due to the hazardous wastes produced during the chemical reactions.
B) The Ph 7 of the filtered reaction mixture indicates a neutral mixture. It points to addition of insufficient 6M HCL which was required to make the reaction mixture acidic. The reaction mixture ought to have turned brown after addition of anise oil and heat, which turns white in addition of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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