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Organic Synthesis Sterine, (S)-Phenyl-1-Propanol and 1, 4-Dyhydrobenzoic Acid - Assignment Example

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This report explores suitable and safe experimental procedures followed when conducting a synthesis of styrene, (S)-Phenyl-1-propanal and 1, 4-Dihydrobenzoic acid. It also discusses the apparatus used in the preparation of the mentioned organic compounds. …
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Organic Synthesis Sterine, (S)-Phenyl-1-Propanol and 1, 4-Dyhydrobenzoic Acid
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"Organic Synthesis Sterine, (S)-Phenyl-1-Propanol and 1, 4-Dyhydrobenzoic Acid"

Download file to see previous pages Synthesis of organic compounds takes two forms; total or methodology. In total synthesis a whole organic compound is formed from naturally available substances. It involves many procedures until a complete compound is constructed. In the process, a variety of compounds are formed which are called intermediates. Alternatively, methodology approach put more emphasis on the process that gives good yield. Therefore, The reactions are manipulated to meet quality checks.(S)-Phenyl-1-propanol is a liquid whose boiling point and density is 94.5oC and 0.99g/cm3 respectively. It is viscous and mixes with organic solvents like benzene and toluene but does not dissolve in water. It is mostly used to transfer heat in thermal systems. On safety front, the substance is not classified as dangerous, however, it can cause harmful effects when swallowed or come into contacts with parts of the body like eyes and skin. One of the methods of preparing it is reacting benzeldehyde with diethylzinc and (Dimethylamino)isoborneol. DAIB is strong electron oxidant used in many chemical reactions. 1, 4-dihydrobenzoic acid is formed through reduction of benzoic acid in sodium dissolved in ammonia by a process called birch reaction. Generally, when benzene having an electron donating substituent are reduced, 1,4-dihydro compounds are formed.Styrene or vinyl benzene is a colourleess viscous liquid that is highly volatile. It is also a monomer used to produce polystyrene which has wide applications in plastic packaging. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Organic Synthesis Sterine, (S)-Phenyl-1-Propanol and 1, Assignment)
“Organic Synthesis Sterine, (S)-Phenyl-1-Propanol and 1, Assignment”, n.d.
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