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Fully discuss absortion and emission spectroscopy follows instruction below - Assignment Example

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Atomic emission spectroscopy and atomic absorption spectroscopy are analytical techniques used to determine presence and concentration of certain elements in a laboratory samples. Atomic emission spectroscopy utilizes an instrument called atomic emission spectrometer or flame…
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Fully discuss absortion and emission spectroscopy follows instruction below
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"Fully discuss absortion and emission spectroscopy follows instruction below"

Download file to see previous pages The atomic emission spectrometer consists of four major components. These include the atomizer, the nebulizer, the Monchromator and the detector. Flame is used to atomize the sample so that the resultant atoms can interact with the radiation. Monchromator is used to discriminate wavelengths that do not conform to the requirements of the experiment. Detector is used to detect the emitted wavelengths. During experiment, five processes take place. The first three processes takes place simultaneously. These threes processes include the dissolvation, vaporization and atomization. They take place when the sample is introduced into the atomizer. Dissolvation is the process where the solvent sued to dissolve the sample is evaporated (Crouch & Skoog 63).
The thermal heat energy from the atomizer forces the solvent, which is water, to evaporate instantly. Vaporization occurs when the resultant solid sample is vaporized into gases. Lastly, the atomization occurs when the resultant gases are broken down into atoms. All these takes place as a result of high thermal energy from the flame. Principally, both the atomic emission spectroscopy and the atomic absorption spectroscopy exhibit all these three steps. However, the fourth step is what differentiates the atomic emission spectroscopy from the atomic absorption spectroscopy. I atomic emission spectroscopy, the gaseous products obtained are excited to higher energy level. Excitation occurs when the electrons in the atoms gain energy and move to higher energy levels. However, the electrons cannot stay in the higher energy level indefinitely (Crouch & Skoog 71).
This is because there is no constant energy to maintain them in the higher energy levels. Because of this, they are unstable. Consequently, to regain their stability, electrons would be forced to drop back to their original state called ground state. This process is called de-excitation. De-excitation is normally accompanied by several ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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