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Date Inorganic Chemistry and its daily applications Introduction Inorganic chemistry entails the study of all chemical compounds which comprises all elements with the exception of carbon. Chem. 102 which is the introduction to inorganic chemistry involves the study of the properties and reactions of all elements on the periodic table…
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Solubility Equilibriya
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"Solubility Equilibriya"

All salts are inorganic compounds and are the basis of study of inorganic chemistry. Ionic compounds are characterized by the presence of ionic bonds and are good conductors of electricity. Other groups of inorganic compounds are comprised of the Acids and bases. Most inorganic compounds do not contain carbon, though some of these compound including carbon monoxide (CO) and Carbon II oxide (CO2) contain carbon as seen in their chemical composition. Inorganic chemistry can be classified further as descriptive or theoretical. Descriptive inorganic chemistry entails the study properties and classification of the elements on the periodic table. It also involves description of elements and the reactions, equations of the reactions involved when elements are mixed and the formulas of these inorganic compounds. The applications of chem. 102 which is the study of inorganic compounds are discussed in descriptive inorganic chemistry discussed above (Wilkins). Theoretical inorganic chemistry entails the study of the atomic model of the elements in the periodic table as described by Bohr. This involves deep analysis of the atomic model of each element and determining the number of electrons and neutron in the atom of each element. This enables scientist to determine conductivity of these elements and the best combination of elements to form an applicable inorganic compound in our daily life. Theoretical inorganic chemistry is described as the computational branch of chemistry since it is more connected to quantum mechanics (F.A). Applications Inorganic has found several applications in the modern society with some in medical, engineering and environmental science, with most of its applications based in industry. 1. Industrial and Medical Applications Inorganic chemistry finds its application in the industrial in many ways, the study of theoretical inorganic chemistry enables scientist to gain an in depth knowledge of composition and structure of various elements. The study of \Bohr atomic composition of elements has lead to the discovery of semiconductor materials. Semiconductors devices find it application in the manufacture of electronics which are becoming part of every individual in life. Semiconductor devices used in the daily life include medical equipment integrated into medical engineering. These equipments are the cathode ray tubes, surgical instruments and medical storage appliances. Inorganic chemistry has contributed a great deal in the advancement of medical engineering which has increased accuracy when conducting medical practices (Wilkins). The study of chemical reactions which forms the basis of inorganic chemistry has contributed a great deal in the discovery of safer radio therapy treatment which is used in treatment of chronic diseases like cancer. Other medical applications of inorganic chemistry are the discovery of fluorides which are generally used in the treatment of dental problems. Table salt or sodium chloride is an inorganic compound commonly used in preventing infections like goiter which is a disorder associated with lack of salt in the body (F.A). 2. Environmental Applications The study of inorganic chemistry has contributed so much in environmental science. The study of various compounds found in the soil has lead to discovery of various ways of improving soil fertility to Read More
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