Nalytical Analysis of Anti-Depressants in Human Plasma Using Liquid-Liquid Chromatography - Research Paper Example

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[Name of of Instructor] Antidepressants are drugs used for treating patients diagnosed with depression. Most antidepressants function by inhibiting the action of neurotransmitters using a range of mechanisms that target intermediate compounds…
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Nalytical Analysis of Anti-Depressants in Human Plasma Using Liquid-Liquid Chromatography
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"Nalytical Analysis of Anti-Depressants in Human Plasma Using Liquid-Liquid Chromatography"

Recently a new method of categorizing antidepressants has attracted significant interest. The method is the grouping of antidepressants on the basis of their pharmacological function. Most antidepressants show optimal function within a given plasma concentration range (Koteel 92). Measuring of the serum concentrations of antidepressants is therefore important to ensure that physicians are able to administer the correct dosage for the treatment of depression (Pokar M. Kabra 83). For instance the plasma concentration of tricyclic antidepressants range between 20 to 200µ/ L. Liquid-liquid chromatography is a method that has been used to measure the plasma concentration of both the antidepressants and the resulting metabolites. Liquid-liquid chromatography is basically used in the extraction and analysis of antidepressants. The process involves the extraction of the drugs in neutral forms to ensure that the pH does not alter the chemical composition and structure of the drugs. The extraction involves the use of an appropriate solvent that will solvate the drug from the plasma. Liquid-Liquid chromatography is a technique within chromatography where both the mobile and the stationary phases are liquid. The liquids used in the two phases must be immiscible. The experiment will outline the analysis of tricyclic antidepressants from the serum. ...
The experiment will utilize the liquid-liquid approach. The first step in this approach is to ensure that an appropriate pH is determined and the pH of the organic phase has been determined. The appropriate pH will be determined by looking at the pK of the specific tricyclic drugs being used in the experiment. Most tricyclic antidepressants have very close Pk values and therefore it will be important to ensure that only a single drug is present in the serum at a given time. The tricyclic antidepressants that will be used in the experiment include; Amitriptyline, Clomipramine, and Trimipramine. These drugs have Pk values of 9.4 each. The geneal realization is that the tricyclic drugs used in the experiment will be fully protonated at pH 3. Therefore, the appropriate pH that will be used during the extraction will be a pH of 9.4 for each of the drugs. During liquid-liquid extraction the realization is that polar drugs are usually screened by the polar solvents. The solvent that will be used for the extraction in this case will be ether. According to (Hughes 187), ether is the most preffered solvent for use in the extraction of antidepressants from serum for further analysis. The separation was also facilitated using ammonium sulphate. The experiment used 2.0ml of serum. The buffer used in the experiment was ammonium chloride of pH 9.5. The sample was then shaken with the reagents and then centrifuged for a few minutes. The separation of the organic and the mobile layers was achieved through the use of a freezer. The organic layer was then removed through evaporation and then the solution was placed in the mobile phase for elusion. The extraction method used led to the Read More
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Nalytical Analysis of Anti-Depressants in Human Plasma Using Research Paper.
“Nalytical Analysis of Anti-Depressants in Human Plasma Using Research Paper”, n.d.
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