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Analysis of drugs in Saliva and other body fluids: Microextraction - Essay Example

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With the advent of a tremendous increase in diagnostic procedures and biochemical evaluation of biological fluids, the typical lag time for analysis has been significantly reduced. …
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Analysis of drugs in Saliva and other body fluids: Microextraction
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"Analysis of drugs in Saliva and other body fluids: Microextraction"

Download file to see previous pages In this article, it would be to discuss an uncommon technique in separation chromatography: Microextraction (ME). This novel technique has gained popularity in the past decade, and can be categorized as a modification and combination of the Gas and partitioning chromatographies.
Solid-phase microextraction is a comparatively distinct and a unique method in separation chemistry, which is based on the principle of chromatography. This technique introduced in the late 90s, can be used in the analysis of a solution having a very small amount of analyte.
The figure above represents the schematic representation of the single drop microextraction technique, which is in wide use today. This will be discussed in the course of this essay.
The physiological fluid saliva, which is secreted by the salivary glands in the oral cavity, could be used as a valuable diagnostic tool for detection of drugs and their subsequent separation. A normal healthy adult produces about 500-1500 mL of saliva per day (Chiappin et al., 2007). After drug administration, its clearance from systemic circulation into saliva may be a result of factors such as ultrafiltration, passive diffusion and/or active transport. Some of the major advantages associated with saliva as a diagnostic aid, are its non-invasive collection protocol and ease of obtaining samples. A majority of drugs and metabolites can be easily and readily detected in saliva, even after hours of administration. Immunoglobulins, proteinaceous molecules, lipids and psychotropic metabolites could be quantified. The extents to which drugs manifest in saliva, in comparison with urine, are much less because the glomeruli in the kidney concentrate the urine. This results in an increase of the drug-urine concentration. Additionally, the volume of urine, produced daily is significantly higher in volume than saliva, adding to the ease of collection and further study. (Chiappin et al., 2007) (Aps and Martens, 2005) Although these minor drawbacks exist, investigation of saliva for presence of endogenous compounds could be conveniently handled. Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME): The principle of Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) is based on the premise that the analyte in a sample is taken up and adsorbed on to an SPME adsorption layer. This process of adsorption continues to a point of equilibrium, following which, the solute molecules are transferred along with the SPME layer into a secondary system. Washing the adsorbed sample with the appropriate solvent brings about this secondary step. This system, which usually comprises of solvents of varying polarities, is responsible for desorbing the captured molecules. Once disassociated from the complex, the analyte molecules are quantitated using the existing robust techniques such as MS/MS or LC-MS. Essentially, the principle of microextraction rests on that of the GC. (Bojko et al., 2011) Constructive modifications of this method include liquid phase, capillary and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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