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Menu Planning and Product Development for KFC - Assignment Example

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The paper "Menu Planning and Product Development for KFC" describes that the KFC should continue to equip them with machinery that will increase the efficiency and the productivity of foods in the restaurant. This has been done by the acquisition of machinery to increase the efficiency of the food production…
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Menu Planning and Product Development for KFC
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Download file to see previous pages Consumer research is often done through in interviews, focus groups and simulations. This is understanding of the customer's preferences and tastes, type of service that is required, cultures and values, and the believes. This is vital so as their values are put into consideration during food preparation and service. This is done so as to maintain the customer loyalty and the population size. The research in this area will be beneficial to the restaurant ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the foods. This will ensure that company uses machines and mechanisms to maximize the production of foods for the sake of the growing demand of customers. This also ensures that the wastes are reduced so as to increase the profitability of the company. Normally, the new products have no definite guarantee that they would sell. They are usually under market test in various segments to see their movements. They are monitored and researched on because they can reduce the profitability of the restaurant due to losses. This research is vital for the existence of the restaurant. It is often done to increase the efficiency of the advertising and marketing. The restaurant ought to know the media channel that is effective and fast. The channel should be accessed by all the target groups and that it should be cost effective. This channel should be able to not only increase the profitability of the firm but it should also be affordable to the consumer. Ordinarily, broadcast and print media should be used at small scale since they are expensive. The restaurants should use the social media such as Facebook; tweeter and websites o reach the customers.The research in customer satisfaction is vital for the advancement of any restaurant. This is because it ensures that the customer loyalty is maintained. The research will scrutinize the customer's likes and preferences in terms of food. It will be able to note the level where consumption is at the peak. The monitoring of customer satisfaction reveals the area of weakness and this will enable the restaurant to improve and remain in a competitive advantage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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