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Benefits and Challenges Facing the FAA - Dissertation Example

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This paper “Benefits and Challenges Facing the FAA” will focus on the current FAA progress-to-date in the development and implementation of ERAM, the challenges, and the risk that the FAA has and continues to face, and the results of a successful implementation of ERAM…
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Benefits and Challenges Facing the FAA
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Extract of sample "Benefits and Challenges Facing the FAA"

Download file to see previous pages In the United States, air travel has grown exponentially due to the internal and external forces of demand. The FAA currently uses a 40-year-old computer and backup system called the En Route host computer system (O’Connell & Williams, 2011, p. 12). The rise in the traffic promoted the establishment of a new and better program. The demand for a better program leads to the development of the En Route Automation Modernization program (ERAM). With this new program, the processes of route request and in-flight route changes become faster and easier to accomplish. The en route computer host system was used in 20 FAA air route control centers all over the country. The ERAM program helps to reduce the work of air traffic control by providing creative solutions to support the ever-growing air traffic industry. It improved the information on security thus upgrading the communication support. The ERAM program also processes the flight radar data and generates data. ERAM also provides aeronautical information as it happens (O’Connell & Williams, 2011, p. 9). This real-time data helps in controlling the airspace with ease. ERAM has a backup program that is useful where there is a fundamental failure in operations. This assists with reducing cases of restriction in the hectic air traffic operations and the backup program provide warnings and alerts to the pilots. The ERAM can incorporate multiple sources of surveillance sources; thus, the ERAM can handle complex aviation processes simultaneously. There are various research strategies that could be employed in the research process that include surveys, experiments, ethnography, action research, and multiple-method approaches. Some of these research strategies belong to the deductive reasoning approach, and others belong to the inductive approach. Frequently, qualitative inquiry using an inductive approach takes the method of a case research. This research strategy is also adopted in this thesis because it is the most suitable with respect to the main purposes and objectives herein. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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