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The Effect of Communication in the Success of Business Organizations - Case Study Example

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This paper "The Effect of Communication in the Success of Business Organizations" focuses on the fact that the performance of a business company is always pegged on the productivity of the employees. The productivity of the employees is of utmost importance in the business. …
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The Effect of Communication in the Success of Business Organizations
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Communication in the Success of Business Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages The poor attitude of the employee was the greatest determinant of business performance and productivity. However, that has been preceded by other significant issues that influence the performance of major companies. The senior management in most of the business organizations fails to establish a balance of communication leading to the backlash within the institutions. This paper will evaluate the effect of communication in the success of business organizations. It will demonstrate that communication in the business institutions is affecting the performance of the employees, the relationships of the management and the employees, and the attitudes of the employees.

Communication is a daily phenomenon for most of the people with the ability to speak. However, it is hindered by various elements and attributes that exist in human society. Evidently, communication entails speaking and writing words, implicit messages such as eye contact and tone among others. Therefore, learning implicit and explicit communication skills is of utmost importance for every professional. Most specifically, the business sector requires professionals to be equipped adequately with the relevant communication skills for enhancing business performance. However, communication is a deterrent and barrier for business success among many of the business people. Their inability to communicate with their employees and customers inhibits their market performance. The internal business environment is the most important for learning and executing efficient communication for business performance. However, the lapse in communication in the management level causes the business to underperform. This is because the employees do not feel like being part of the business institution and therefore develop negative attitudes towards the management. In the process, the employee’s performance is affected by the attitude developed in the process.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The methodology used in this investigation was observational and analysis of the literal information and statistics available from research articles, peer-reviewed journals, books, periodicals, and the internet on the effect of communication technology in business.

In the following pages the research finding and analysis show how advancement in communication technology is critical for modern business activities. Globalization has turned the world to a global market thus communication technology does not only help in ordinary business communication but is critical ingredient in conducting faster transactions, marketing, and management of resources in the modern business environment.

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