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Using Of The Media And Its Influence On The Company Success - Assignment Example

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To improve the efficiency of the company they can use electronic media.The paper "Using Of The Media And Its Influence On The Company Success" focuses on how the company can be able to retain the customers amidst the rising competition from other fashion companies that are coming up…
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Using Of The Media And Its Influence On The Company Success
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Extract of sample "Using Of The Media And Its Influence On The Company Success"

Download file to see previous pages This is with the aim of trying to focus on how it can be able to retain the customers amidst the rising competition from other fashion companies that are coming up.
Some vital information is shared among members where everyone is allowed to bring forward their views based on their experience but making sure there is no diversion from the set policies and procedures before being granted any rights for proposals. This is done in order to promote understanding from all parties of what they are expected to know.That is, before proposals are made, the chosen products are of quality in terms of prices and satisfaction to everyone’s need with a broader focus on customer satisfaction.
This is done among all interested groups or parties who are involved in the process or when end results are obtained by mainly the manager and their employees. Meetings are held either in conferences, public hearings or could be one on one to help members get at par with what and how the organization is planning to implement its strategies. But this is done after notices in procurement or electronics are used to publicize the information.
In the above matrix, males are more favored because of their population. The company targets them by trying to make sure at least a number of them get the desired outfit. This minimizes time wastage in making jeans (Grady, 2007).
The company has also realized that it is important to focus on ladies wear since they go with fashion and so require various designs in order to capture a good number of customers by providing quality service to them. This will help increase the customer demand hence more sales of the company’s products.
In step two, other stakeholders submit a notice which describes their policies and procedures. This includes the information that must be submitted and the criteria used to make an initial evaluation of the organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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