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Acquiring Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduates - Assignment Example

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This paper "Acquiring Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduates" focuses on the fact that in the globalised world Bachelors degree is fast gaining importance and the focus is extending beyond simply acquiring traditional and discipline-specific skills. …
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Acquiring Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduates
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Extract of sample "Acquiring Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduates"

Download file to see previous pages The job needs to have both soft skills and technical expertise to add value to the workplace. For over the past 20 years there has been a remarkable push by Higher education boards and governments across developed countries so as to identify undergraduate skills necessary for the most industry. Due to such high demand, much efforts and resources are now put in place for successful assessment and development of the skills, which will act as a growing trend for outcome-focused learning programs. This report will look at the importance of developing a non-technical skill set for business-level undergraduates.

Research has shown that, in many developed countries like Australia, the non-technical skill set taught at the graduate level requires improvement in a number of areas. The things to understand is that why it is so desired, how this skill set can be developed and how can it be measured and assessed. Next, it should be seen whether the process of delivering such non-technical skills is generic in nature and the pedagogical processes can be replicated across various disciplines and whether the skill set developed is transferable to different work contexts (Conrad and Newberry 9-15).

Non-technical skills are in huge demand amongst educational practitioners and employers. They are of the consensus that many first-degree graduates have to equip them with not only much respective disciplinary knowledge but also a skill set which will enable them to apply and use disciplinary knowledge in the work environment. Employers look at the ability of the graduate to apply disciplinary knowledge using the skill set. This determines their employability so as to successfully achieve the required outcomes in their workplace. Such a skill set is perceived to be generic in nature which can be applied across different disciplines and workplace contexts. Such a huge demand for soft skills in business undergraduates among employers can be attributed to three factors.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Acquiring Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduat Assignment - 4.
(Acquiring Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduat Assignment - 4)
Acquiring Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduat Assignment - 4.
“Acquiring Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduat Assignment - 4”.
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