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To What Extent Is True Globalization Only a Recent Phenomenon - Term Paper Example

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The author of this paper covers various arguments on how globalization is a recent phenomenon and a past phenomenon. Globalization is international integration, which habitually results from the dynamism of products, ideologies, ideas, lifestyles, and politics.  …
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To What Extent Is True Globalization Only a Recent Phenomenon
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Extract of sample "To What Extent Is True Globalization Only a Recent Phenomenon"

Download file to see previous pages The recent information explosion has greatly globalized many aspects of the business.  For instance, access to large databases has enabled organizational leaders to gather crucial information with regard to global performance trends in various sectors and product lines. New methods of product differentiation and diversification have been learned after the acquisition of bid sets of data from a global platform. Additionally, the managers in many organizations have learned new management strategies through the recent access to large volumes of data. The big information has culminated in the restructuring of organizational structure for efficiency and effectiveness in the global organizational operations. According to Lechner (2009, 23), access to big data has led to the realization of new ways of achieving global customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and total quality management within an organization.

These principles are vital in the thriving of any organization. In the case of transportation of commodities, there is the use of sensors on trucks to streamline the delivery of goods through shipping. This contains the problem of stock-out cost and machine overhaul cost. The data also helps manufacturers in tracking the trend of customer preference and taste. This is made possible through scanning large sets of data at a glance in order to deduce customer preferences hence boosting sales revenues. This is because the products manufactured will march the customer preference and taste, and so no stock holding costs will be incurred. Moreover, this reduces the marketing costs, and for that reason, this means higher profits for the firms. Many firms have also reviewed their human resource management measures in order to retain the workforce and increase the organizations’ productivity. For instance, human resource outsourcing is a new phenomenon in many organizations. Giddens (2009, 34), asserts that globalization is a recent phenomenon given the fact that virtual conferencing is a new idea across the globe.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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