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Language and Culture in New Zealand Organization - Research Paper Example

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This paper is aimed at finding out the how language has affected culture in New Zealand organization. This research will begin with the statement that language and culture play a key role in determining how people communicate and relate with each other…
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Language and Culture in New Zealand Organization
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that various languages are spoken in the country where some are officially recognized, and others are not. These diverse languages bring about different cultures and influence the organization structure of the country. New Zealand is located in the Southwest of the Pacific Ocean. The country is mainly made up of two landmasses namely the South and North Islands. Several ethnic groups can be found in New Zealand, which includes the Maori, Europeans, Asians, and Pacific Islander among others. The country's official languages are Maori, English and the New Zealand sign language. English can be termed as the main business language, as it is spoken by 98 % of the citizens this can be attributed to the British Commonwealth ties. Maori is considered a Polynesian language which can be compared to languages spoken in other Pacific Cultures such as Tongan, Samoan and Hawaiian. As per the census done in 2006, more than 157,000 people in the country speak Maori. This language has existed in New Zealand culture from as early as the country’s discovery. Maori people were the first to get to New Zealand and were later followed by the European settlers. However, it was only after passing of the 1986 Maori Language Act that the language was formally recognized as an official language. The use and the development of Maori language is consistently encouraged by the New Zealand language Commission. English and Maori are used all over the country in varied media outlets especially in radio and television programs. As apparent in most regions of the world where cultures have intermixed, Both English and Maori cultures have influenced each other. Various words have been absorbed into the vocabulary of the two languages. There are quite a number of differences in the above cultures especially when tribal circles are involved. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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