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The Conflict Of Victorian Fine Furnishings And Snoozarama - Case Study Example

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The paper "The Conflict Of Victorian Fine Furnishings And Snoozarama" discusses the case of Victorian Fine furnishings and the order that they have to deliver for an important new client, Snoozarama in eight weeks. Different alternatives and their recommended solutions are discussed in the paper…
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Extract of sample "The Conflict Of Victorian Fine Furnishings And Snoozarama"

Download file to see previous pages Victorian Fine Furnishings is a manufacturing firm that manufactures classic Victorian style furniture. Their sales manager at the moment is Ken Lambert and the company is working with 34 employees. They have worked in partnership with a franchise company Snoozarama in the last 7 months. Snoozarama is a national franchise that has had 41 specialized bedding stores all over Australia. They have specialized bedding stores all around the world.
Victorian fine Furnishings has recently received an order from Snoozarama. Under the order, they have been asked for 120 of their upmarket bedroom settings. These include beheading, frame, two-bed side tables and a 5 drawer dresser. Each of these pieces will have to be made in rosewood and Snoozarama’s wants the delivery to take place on the first Friday of September. That will be during the Spring Carnival and their advertising and sales promotion time which is eight weeks away.
Ken and his General Manager have negotiated with the contract price. Despite the fact that it is way below the normal price for such contracts, they have negotiated enough to ensure that the overall volume is lucrative and profitable. Even more important, the fact that for both Ken and Gerry it will bring them an important new client. The consequences of a successful project are remarkable. It could pave the way to supplying them nationally.
The short time span was a problem as it is. The order has to be delivered in 8 weeks which means that they will have to slog to meet the deadline. Their production capacity will have to be stretched completely. Gerry worked out the details and felt that even if they received raw materials in two weeks and diverting fifteen of their factory employee activities from general manufacturing for six weeks, they will still have enough stock in hand to be able to cover routine orders in the interim period. The schedule will be stiff and tight but it is possible. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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