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Which of the Business Objectives Might Best Be Applied to the Southampton Solent University - Coursework Example

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"Which of the Business Objectives Might Best Be Applied to the Southampton Solent University" paper examines business objectives for the SSU such as profitability, long term survival, stakeholder satisfaction, market share, growth, good HRM, and quality management and improvement…
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Which of the Business Objectives Might Best Be Applied to the Southampton Solent University
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Extract of sample "Which of the Business Objectives Might Best Be Applied to the Southampton Solent University"

Download file to see previous pages In other words, there is no explicit reference to the achievement of long term objectives and the people being involved in the business with the express intention of making profits.

In this context, the Southampton Solent University’s existence as a business organization in the strategic business sense would be defined as a clear attempt at continuously engaging in the present and future activities with a view to achieving its long term objectives of which the satisfaction of stakeholders, particularly shareholders, is of paramount importance. Its mission statement is “The pursuit of inclusive and flexible forms of Higher Education which meet the needs of employers and prepare students to succeed in a fast-changing competitive world” ( Coupled with its vision of “transforming potential into long-standing achievement, creating exciting opportunities and giving the students the confidence to achieve their goal”, the SSU is a bridge between now and future in the life of a student.

Thus strategic management objectives such as long term marketing, strategic Human Resource Management (HRM), quality management and improvement, financial solvency, strategic competitive capabilities, long term profitability, growth, stakeholder satisfaction, corporate governance goals and above all the achievement of strategic market/competitor/product orientation goals, are the most pressing for the SSU.

The SSU has been in existence for a long time and was renamed in 2005. With the current student population of 16,000 and a number of master’s degrees and PhDs offered, the SSU is well nigh able to achieve these long term strategic objectives in time to come. The economic concepts associated with these objectives can be divided into microeconomic and macroeconomic segments. For instance, the existing demand for career-related or job-oriented courses of study is riding the crest of the university education growth trajectory in the world. This is a microeconomic policy-related outcome at the individual university level. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Which of the Business Objectives Might Best Be Applied to the Coursework.
(Which of the Business Objectives Might Best Be Applied to the Coursework)
Which of the Business Objectives Might Best Be Applied to the Coursework.
“Which of the Business Objectives Might Best Be Applied to the Coursework”.
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