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Joint Venture with X-Tech (Sweden) and Y-Tech (Albania) - Assignment Example

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To start with, Z-Tech is considering a joint operation with two multinational firms - X-Tech, based in Sweden and Y-Tech, based in Albania.  Z-Tech managers need to realize cultural differences that exist between the UK, Sweden, and Albania, in order to better segue into this joint venture. …
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Joint Venture with X-Tech (Sweden) and Y-Tech (Albania)
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Extract of sample "Joint Venture with X-Tech (Sweden) and Y-Tech (Albania)"

Download file to see previous pages This memorandum outlines various principles of cross-cultural management, while also carrying out some cultural profiling of the two countries we are meeting, in comparison to our country. The main goal is to educate and guide Z-Tech managers, who will soon become expatriate managers, and who will need to avoid obstacles such as expatriate failure through culture shock, by improving their respective cultural intelligence (CQ). After posting these cross-cultural management paradigms to achieve optimal success for Z-Tech, the current memorandum concludes with specific recommendations. Z-Tech faces a future prospect of a successful joint venture with Albanian and Swedish companies. However, the conflict must be avoided in order to optimize results and create a win-win situation. A major organizational challenge that needs to be overcome, is conflict. Conflict occurs when members of a group or team cannot reach an agreement through common negotiation. There are many causes of conflict in the organizational environment. Conflict is negative, and effective communication embraces an aspect of positive sharing of information that reflects upon both the sender and the receiver. Only by truly communicating our plans, needs, and desires can we garner effective results. These results are often the result of a decision-making process, which is closely linked to patterns of effective communication and structural organizational theory. The importance of positive and practical decision-making cannot be over-stressed in the organizational environment. In the case of intercultural concepts, the vision or guiding principle or goal of Z-Tech should be looked at in an inclusive way. That is, the concept is inclusive to the culture in this construction, and bears communication across cultural barriers and boundaries to a greater understanding of the positive side of communication. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Joint Venture With X-Tech (Sweden) and Y-Tech (Albania) Assignment)
Joint Venture With X-Tech (Sweden) and Y-Tech (Albania) Assignment.
“Joint Venture With X-Tech (Sweden) and Y-Tech (Albania) Assignment”, n.d.
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