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An Effective Technologies in Providing Effective Defense to Businesses - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the use of the services of an IT infrastructure in the workplace in order to store, retrieve data as required. In order to provide the required IT solutions, it is necessary to connect people across a broad domain that spans across physical and geographical frontiers…
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An Effective Technologies in Providing Effective Defense to Businesses
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Download file to see previous pages Data used and stored in a company is often very sensitive and is considered to be a valuable asset by any company, whose secrecy and integrity is essential for the business to succeed and carry on its operations. With the rise in the size and extent of networks combined with the huge popularity of the Internet, the security of the data of an organization has never faced a more severe risk of bringing accessed and compromised (Northcutt, Frederick, Edmead, & Winters, 2002). In fact, a major chunk of the work of today’s software and network specialists is aimed at identifying and mitigating all such possible risks and attacks that a network is capable of being attacked within a proactive manner. In fact, the rise in the use of the Internet has spurned a rather huge increase in the spread of viruses and other harmful content across networks that have crippled several systems of some of the major corporations in the world, whose networks were earlier believed to be impenetrable. Intrusions by several unscrupulous elements into corporate and government networks have led to the stealing of critical information, many of which assume national importance owing to their sensitivity. Earlier efforts at patching entry points to a network and preventing anonymous accesses by outsides have encouraged intruders to develop sophisticated techniques to penetrate networks and cause harm in several forms that include anything from corrupting data, destroying networks and IT infrastructure to preventing users from accessing their files and terminals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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