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How Effective Are the Current Environment and Ethical/Social Policies of Tesco - Assignment Example

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This paper "How Effective Are the Current Environment and Ethical/Social Policies of Tesco" discusses Tesco as the biggest UK retailer in food and non-food items. Growing from a small grocery store in the 1920s, today Tesco has a strong brand presence…
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How Effective Are the Current Environment and Ethical/Social Policies of Tesco
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Extract of sample "How Effective Are the Current Environment and Ethical/Social Policies of Tesco"

Download file to see previous pages  Tesco has been accused of indulging in unfair and monopolistic activities, unethical price of price undercutting thus creating a squeeze on the competition and the local farming community. The volumes of goods traded and retailed leave a large carbon footprint. However, Tesco has stood it is for quite some time now by creating and implementing policies for ethical and responsible for not only fending media accusations but also by stating, and implementing ethical and social policies.

According to Walley (2005), sustainable practices are best developed with an interplay of forces outside organizations like laws, regulations, and competition and organizational policies like governance, and social and ethical practices. Walley (2005) proposes a sustainable business model involving the ‘process’ and the ‘product’. Sir Terry Leahy, the Chief Executive of Tesco testifies that Tesco has a challenging job to emerge as a leader in the low-carbon economy. The step by step adoption of sustainable practices at Tesco like increasing the number of organic products sold, decreasing Co2 emissions in transportation, and adoption of over the counter green practices resonate with Walley’s (2005) transformative and sustainability orientation. Tesco has set up a comprehensive strategy and strict time frames to become sustainable and green. Even its fresh growth addresses ethical, social and green concerns. The ambit of sustainability transformative model is wide and so is the retail business of Tesco. No effort may be significant in the face of the havoc that has already been wreaked on the biosphere. Due to its enormous size and a wide gamut of business, the spread of Tesco’s ethical and social vision in sustainable and responsible trade is large. For convenience, brevity, and prevention of repetition, we will study the following issues together, in two parts.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How Effective Are the Current Environment and Ethical/Social Policies Assignment, n.d.)
How Effective Are the Current Environment and Ethical/Social Policies Assignment.
(How Effective Are the Current Environment and Ethical/Social Policies Assignment)
How Effective Are the Current Environment and Ethical/Social Policies Assignment.
“How Effective Are the Current Environment and Ethical/Social Policies Assignment”.
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