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Global Communications: Problem Solution - Term Paper Example

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"Problem Solution: Global Communications" paper states that  Global Communications by means of integrating technology to management rules will help managers and leaders in conducting effective communication approaches among their constituents and get positive results. …
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Global Communications: Problem Solution
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Download file to see previous pages The way by which every constituent and member of the team will behave will be best understood through a two-way process of communication (Rogers and Rogers, 1976). In many ways, organizations evolved so fast to meet rapid globalization. In this respect, organizational communication is a serious matter for overall organizational functioning. Synergy or departmental harmony within the organization should be the foundation in order to promote and foster unity among employees both in the superior and lower levels. Because of rapid globalization, the more complex task requires greater coordination in the functioning of the members of the company. The deployment of workers in the different tasks in faster paces is a modern reality; therefore, it requires the establishment of communication strategies and technologies, which are essential to the maintenance of smooth and progressive organizational function. The handling of a network of people from senior and lower levels needs a broader and sophisticated approach, such that the organization will move as a team facing modern global challenges.

Socialization is an important aspect of human relationships of an organization that should stress in developing making an appeal both to the emotional and mental aspect of every member of the group. Organizational action should be attributed to a collective goal, meaning an action that is dependent on the collaborative participation of every single part or member of the group. No one in the group should be marginalized and be given of little importance, but to maximize the potentials of everyone to assert that everybody is performing based on the collective goals. It will require to always communicate with the members of the group the essence of moving as a team and not as fractioned individuals.

The degree of socialization among individuals in the organization will be heightened once individual goals of the members are in place with organizational goals, thus everyone corresponds with the challenges altogether.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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