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Merger - An Attempt to Attain Technical Economies - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Merger - An Attempt еo Attain Technical Economies" focuses on the fact that the research of the issue under examination has been based on a series of statistical data revealed through similar studies. On the other hand, the interviews of three employers of the organizations are involved. …
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Merger - An Attempt to Attain Technical Economies
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Extract of sample "Merger - An Attempt to Attain Technical Economies"

Download file to see previous pages In the above context, a first research that can be proved useful towards the investigation of the effects of the merger on the organizational operations is that of Amiot et al. (2006). The above researchers tried to measure the employment adjustment as it has been developed during a merger process. For this reason, ‘two hundred and twenty employees completed both questionnaires (Time 1: 3 months after merger implementation; Time 2: 2 years later)’ (Amiot et al., 2006, 552). The above research revealed a series of interesting findings regarding the potential effects of the merger on the operational framework of an organization. More specifically, the relevant study showed that ‘positive event characteristics predicted greater appraisals of self-efficacy and less stress at Time 1; self-efficacy, in turn, predicted greater use of problem-focused coping at Time 2, whereas stress predicted a greater use of problem-focused and avoidance coping; finally, problem-focused coping predicted higher levels of job satisfaction and identification with the merged organization (Time 2), whereas avoidance coping predicted lower identification’ (Amiot et al., 2006, 552). In other words, the behaviour of employees within an organization can be strongly affected by the merger of the specific organization with another firm of similar or different market orientations. Moreover, it has been proved in the above research that employees can have a significant importance in the successful completion of a merger procedure while their role is usually differentiated during the particular stages of this procedure. Indeed, the role of the merger to the development of employees’ behaviour within a specific workplace has been accepted extensively in the literature. Regarding this issue Buono (1992, 19) accepted that ‘most human resource (HR) researchers and practitioners involved in the merger and acquisition (M/A) process readily agree that the personal, interpersonal, group and intergroup dynamics that follow the combination of two firms are significant determinants of merger success or failure’.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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