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Multinational Firms: The Global-Local Dilemma - Research Proposal Example

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The paper “Multinational Firms: The Global-Local Dilemma” looks at a number of challenges when organizations worldwide decide to go global. This is a common problem that they face since they do not have any prior knowledge or understanding of the new territory that they will do their business from…
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Multinational Firms: The Global-Local Dilemma
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Download file to see previous pages The business, as marketers say, exists to satisfy its target audience through fulfilling a need courtesy its products and/or services or a combination of the both, the same being true in case of a retail outlet which sells gasoline to local consumers, thus giving in petrol plus extra services in the form of window cleaning, fuel gauge checks and so on and so forth. A company or an organization needs sound management framework at its top so that the staff and the employees working at different levels feel at ease with the job as well as the working environment. This indeed is very important as it builds long-term credibility of the organization that it cares about its employees and not just the customers and in cases profits and revenues only. A formal organization takes into account the role of leadership at the top and the manner in which this leadership is basically carried about, both in the interests of the people within the company as well as the company itself so that the end result is one on which everyone solemnly agree, that is to make the company thrive from a revenue-generating angle and image building aspect in the long run. A business does not come into its own overnight. It takes a lot of research, planning and proper execution to take it where the marketers, the business professionals, and the stakeholders want it to proceed and end up as something quite extraordinary and out of the blue when one compares other similar businesses in a particular market. (Wells, 1998)  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Multinational Firms: The Global-Local Dilemma Research Proposal.
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