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In the research paper “Coaching ethical behavior” the author analyzes ethical behavior concerned with not only following what is deemed to be right but uses analytical skills that will guide one in making sound decisions to develop elite performance…
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Coaching ethical behavior
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Coaching ethical behavior Coaching ethical behavior Ethical behavior is concerned with not only following what is deemed to be right but use analytical skills that will guide one in making sound decisions. A leader in any organization is regarded as the face of the organization and how the organization members conduct themselves affect the image of the organization (Passmore, 2010). Leaders can coach their members on how to enhance their ethical behavior. Coaching is defined as a process that facilitate maximization one’s potential. The following are ways in which can coach ethical behavior:
Setting guidelines and refreshing team members-As a leader, the team member should know what is expected of them. Even if they know, how they are supposed to conduct themselves, a refresher on ethical conduct is essential.
Through motivation- The leader can encourage the team members that they can enhance their ethical behavior regardless of the situation they are facing at any particular moment. Emphasis on teamwork motivates each one of them.
Monitoring and evaluation- Just like a coach of a given sport he observes the performance of the team member. The leader should monitor how the team members conduct themselves and evaluate on the progress. A deviation will be recognized, and corrective measures be implemented before it goes overboard (Passmore, 2010).
Exploring interactive moment- A leader should allow the team members to discuss among themselves and identify possible problems and solutions with regards to moral behavior. This is in line with the diversity among the universe population and has to be appreciated.
Leading by example-The leader should exhibit those ethical conducts, he/she expects the team members to possess and implement on their day-day operations.
If leaders can adopt the above coaching approach, don’t you think ethical behavior among the team members would be enhanced?
Passmore, J. (2010). Leadership coaching working with leaders to develop elite performance. London: Association for Coaching ;. Read More
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Coaching Ethical Behavior Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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